Take Charge of Joomla Forms With These 5 Great Plugins!

Joomla Form Plugins
Almost all websites need one type of form or another, most commonly feedback and contact forms. It has been proven, however, that a poorly designed form is almost as bad as having no form. Since millions of people use the award-winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla, it makes sense that thousands of form plugins have been developed for it. Below is a list of the top five form plugins for Joomla you can use to design effective forms for your website hosted on Midphase servers.

1. Breezing Forms
Breezing Forms Joomla Plugin
This simple to use plugin comes with three interfaces for technicians, designers and non-programmers that you can use to create ergonomic forms fast. Some of its outstanding features include payments, summary pages, conditional fields and many others. Despite its relative simplicity and ease of use, it covers all aspects of forms.
2. Proforms Advance
Proforms Joomla Form Plugin
Proforms Advance is also a simple and easy to use plugin. It comes with numerous professional functions and is available for free in a basic version. Due to its ease of use and support of extensive features, it is very useful both for beginners and experienced designers.
3. Mad4Joomla
Mad4Joomla Joomla Plugins
MadJoomla plugin is useful for creating email forms. Many users love its templates, usability, file upload attachment, classification and many other features. It (now) features a very useful Captcha technique to prevent automated/spam submissions. You can use it to design complex forms such as those used for donations, reservations and polls, among others.
4. ChronoForms
Joomla Form Plugins
ChronoForms offers an easy way of building customized forms. You can use it to copy and paste code from old sites or from a HTML editor. Apart from the basic features such as field creation, it also comes with other advanced features such as on-form data validation, data storage and management and Captcha support. You can also use it for payment integration on your forms. In case you are overwhelmed when using it, you can always check its free PDF tutorials for direction.
5. BfForms
bfFroms Joolma Plugin
BfForms features an administrator interface that makes it very easy to create even the most complex of forms. It supports virtually unlimited forms; forms that support several anti-SPAM systems such as Mollom and Akismet. You can also use it to set up forms that support IP blacklisting and banning. It requires the latest version of Joomla 2.5.x to run.