Coca-Cola Strikes Domain Gold With

Coca-Cola hit the marketing nail on the head with their latest domain name strategy.
As any savvy business knows, a good domain name can catapult your brand into success, and a great domain can make the whole world smile or maybe even teach the world to sing.  Coca-Cola has shown us what can be done with a great idea and a few (or even 61) domain names. We’re talking about Coca-Cola’s new marketing campaign, appropriately titled “The AHH Effect”.
Coke’s campaign makes use of no less that 61 domain names, ranging from to and every other variety of ahh’s inbetween. That’s right, type in any variation of up to the latter example and you’ll be presented with a Coca-Cola webpage.
Genius, we know.
Each site offers a different Coca-Cola-related game to entertain you and help you forget that it is actually an ad. The intricate web of redirects takes you into the strange world of Coca-Cola, filled with a seemingly large population of cats, flying ice cubes and tiny brown bubbles.
Within the web of domains you can create a playlist of sites that you want to explore or let the site create one for you. The random assault of gifs, videos and games will soak up the hours; it really is quite addictive so don’t play at work unless you really have the time!
Test your level of expertise at guessing if fur is or is not actually a cat, watching cats in Coke boxes (told you there were a lot of cats) and watching a neverending stream of “ahhhhhhs”, all of which are able to publish to social media for you to proudly display your score along with the Coke message.  
Whether or not you are into the onslaught of Coca-Cola fun – or indeed a fan of cats – you must admit that this is a win for the realm of brand development. An already established brand has relaunched its marketing strategy to meet the demands of today’s Millennial/Generation Z marketplace, taking huge advantage of digital content as a marketing tool; you can barely tell it is a marketing campaign at all. By teaming up with other mega brands like Pizza Hut and AMC theaters, Coke is able to appeal to any audience through synergistic relationships and promote an overall brand reputation of success and good will.

This is a prime example of a truly great domain strategy! Coca-Cola bought all 61 domains including various numbers of ahs which not only provide additional platforms for their games/videos/gifs, but also makes strides towards brand protection. No other entity will be able to register any variety of ahs because Coke has already registered them all.
While this seems to be an expensive marketing strategy, we really can learn a lot about the benefits of thinking outside the box through the use of clever domains and gamification. This fun-filled marketing explosion really forces businesses to ask “what have we done lately?”.

I guess it’s time to get to work…

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