SEO Scams And How To Spot Them

Not all search engine optimization experts are what they claim to be. Before you hire a team to do your SEO work, take a look through these tips on how to identify and avoid scams.
Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps websites attract organic traffic directly from search engines. By complying with the directions from the search engines a website can appear higher in a list than other similar websites. It sounds simple enough, but in reality SEO can be a full-time job depending on the website and how competitive the industry is. This is why many website owners look outside their own companies for help.
SEO agencies are not hard to find. You have probably noticed the dozens of emails in your spam box from so-called “SEO experts” claiming that they can transform your website for a small fee. Search engine optimization has become a big business – in fact, a recent report states that businesses around the will will spend an approximate $613 billion on digital marketing services in 2016. This is almost three times as much as was spent in 2008.
SEO is big business because more organic traffic means more clicks, and ultimately more money. A small investment in SEO efforts can mean big dollars down the line, but only if you hire a consultant team that is worth their salt. Detecting SEO scams can save a business a lot of time and money that could be wasted on futile efforts.
Many digital marketing amateurs claim to be the best in the business, when in reality they have no way of measuring their accomplishments. Many will make grand promises to get their foot in the door but won’t meet your expectations when all is said and done. How can you tell if the SEO expert you are considering is the real deal?
Before you sign on with someone who has promised the world, take a look through  our tips to make sure that you are aware of scammers and their guarantees. We can help you access the best SEO team you can find get more for your money, without the risk of being taken advantage of. We have compiled a list of warning signs to alert you that your next SEO hire might be too good to be true:

Be realistic:

SEO success doesn’t happen overnight. If the team or individual you are considering is making grand promises and guaranteeing instant success, they are most likely scamming you. Search engine optimization is a slow race and takes time and effort to slowly improve your rankings. Anyone who doesn’t state honestly that it will take some work to make real change is most likely an SEO scam.

Nobody knows the secret fix:

We’ve seen hundreds of emails promising that a so-called “SEO expert” knows the Google algorithm secrets and can trick Google into taking your website to the top. These black hat methods are a scam and can damage your website’s SEO and even get you blacklisted. Immediately write these promises off as scam. Why? Because the Google algorithm is complex and even most Google employees don’t know how it works. The algorithm works because of its complexities and no one person understands it completely.  


When considering hiring a new SEO team make sure that you take the time to investigate their work. Look for third-party reviews and any feedback available on social media. Any negative press you find should be taken seriously. It’s okay to second guess before hiring an SEO team, in fact, it’s the responsible thing to do.

Create an open-door policy:

Before signing any contracts, be sure that you let your SEO experts know that you require total transparency for all changes they make to your website. Any reputable SEO agency will be more than happy to help you understand where their time and your money is going. Ask questions and research any methods that you find to be questionable. You have the right and the responsibility to personally oversee your website, because in the event that your website is penalized or blacklisted you won’t be able to reverse the damages.  

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