Totally Awesome, Non-Boring Gift Ideas

As the new web address ending .gift is launched onto the Internet, Midphase launches its war on boring forgettable gifts. No more socks. No more socks!

When it comes to present-buying, it’s not just the gifts that get tied up in knots. With so many occasions to buy for – from birthdays to parent days – it can be hard to make your presents memorable.

That’s where Midphase comes in. As a company on the cutting-edge of web hosting and technology, we don’t do humdrum. So our un-boring present guide is our .gift to you.

For the chef…

Edible eyes

These edible eyes can be attached to everything from burgers to fruit. Beats another tea towel, are we right?

For the shopper…

Tote bag

Until now, the carrier bag has been the only part of a shopaholic’s attire that couldn’t be customized. Until now. At, you can get a completely personalized tote bag made and delivered.

For the traveler…

Scratch map

Travel-junkies can chart their conquest of the globe by scratching off the countries they have visited on this map. When the country is scratched, it turns from gold to full color.

For the sports fan…


Make sure the sports nut you love never misses a touchdown or home run again by having to dash to the kitchen to retrieve the forgotten bottle opener. This remote control has a bottle opener built in.

For the chocoholic…


For chocolate on demand, pre-order this 3D chocolate printer. That’s right! It prints the chocolates you’ve designed on screen. We think a Homer-esque drool is called for.

For the movie buff…


Let the movie fan in your life recreate a scene from the iconic Godfather movie every night, with this horse head pillow.

For the person who loves surprises

The web address ending .gift can be a gift in itself. Build yourself a website where each page gives away a clue and let your loved one hunt for their present. Alternatively, set up a single-page website that tells that special someone to meet you at a certain place, at a certain time, and to do something like bring their passport and a change of clothes. You can snap up your own .gift website at the Midphase website from 4pm today.