How to: Save your Android Battery Life

Mobile users can almost do anything on their smartphones; for most of you that includes accessing your web pages hosted at Midphase.
For Android fans, the features and lower prices set them apart from Apple. Whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nexus 4, specs play a major role for end-users. One of the spec features that users crave is a longer battery life.
Here are five proven ways to boost your battery life:

  1. Deactivate Wi-Fi When Not Needed
  2. While there’s nothing wrong in getting connected 24/7, activating Wi-Fi when not connected does waste battery power. If your device keeps on sniffing around for Wi-Fi hotspots, it will slowly lose power over the course of the day. Turn it off and manually toggle it on when you’re close to a connection.

  3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications
  4. You don’t really know if there are apps running in the background. To save the device’s battery life, install only the necessary apps to prevent the unused apps from connecting to servers in the background; aside from the multitasking, self-uploading, and auto-replicating features that also play a part in consuming mobile power.

  5. Switch Off GPS
  6. Unless you’re one of those sports buffs using fitness apps for running and cycling, or an avid Foursquare user who tells the world where they are by checking in, it may be better to switch off your GPS to increase the battery life.

  7. Avoid Using Widgets
  8. Widgets are useful and practical when you place them on your device’s dashboard. You get to access apps such as Facebook, weather updates, and stocks; to just name a few. However, putting a widget on your home screen (with constant status updates from various social networks) will strain your battery life throughout the day as it constantly send/receives information.

  9. Adjust the Brightness
  10. Set your device’s display brightness to its minimum by default. Using the minimum marginal amount of brightness will prevent your battery power from wasting.