Five reasons to register a domain name on your cheap hosting platform

Two of the biggest draw cards for small businesses these days are the ability to purchase cheap domains quickly and pursue options to transfer their site away from unreliable hosting partners.
A free site transfer, encompassing files, databases and scripts is the hallmark of a robust affordable hosting partner which seeks to demonstrate its commitment to new customers in terms of technical support.
Further, if the host offers cheap hosting plans in tandem with rock-bottom prices for new domains, a small business can keep costs low and maximize revenue opportunities.
Here are five benefits attached to purchasing a domain from Midphase:
It’s cheap!
Customers can leverage new domains as low as $11.49 per year for any .com, .net or .biz extensions.
URL forwarding
If you have purchased multiple domain TLDs including .com, .net, .org and .biz, purely for brand protection, then consider using URL forwarding services to point these parked domains to your primary website.
Domain Name Parking
Don’t let your competition grab an industry-recognizable domain just because your website is not ready. Simply register the domain today and ‘park’ it until your ready to throw the live switch on your new website.
DNS Management
Industry-leading control panels give you easy, precise control over one or several domains you have purchased. DNS management is offered on all shared and dedicated hosting plans.
Custom Email Addresses
You have the power to set up one, several or a hundred custom email boxes for your staff, partners or co-workers.
You domain name is as important as your brand name.  A failure to procure a domain that matches your business profile not allows your competitor to put a foot in the door, but also loses you potential online revenue in the short term.
Purchasing a new domain name literally takes less than 5 minutes and is the first towards launching a world-class business website.