Domain Strategy Inspiration: Amazon Hit The Mark

In any business just having a domain strategy is a good thing. The challenge is how to go about creating an amazing domain strategy. We could all learn from Amazon.

In terms of domain news, is normally a pretty hot topic. They have long acted as a trend-setter and have not let us down with their last batch of domain purchases. Reports state that Amazon has recently registered 30+ new domains and each one of them is a gTLD, or generic top level domain. If you’re not sure what a gTLD is read this post as an introduction.
Previously, applied for a .amazon gTLD and was refused the web address ending. The cost associated with just applying for this gTLD is over 200K so we imagine Amazon would have been quite frustrated when its application was denied. But the online retail giant was not going to let one denial stop them!
Rather than accept defeat, Amazon decided to shift its domain strategy to make the most of the gTLDs that were granted.
Amazon’s newly acquired domains include,, and dozens more. Amazon has redirected each new domain to a corresponding website. They have creatively designated unique domain names for available sections of retail space. Need to buy a toy for your nephew? Try Need a new muffler? Try Brands won’t always have access to the .com (or in this case .amazon) they would like to have but new gTLDs create a unique market for domain expansion. The release of hundreds of industry specific web address endings allow brands to rethink their direction and the possibilities new domains can hold.
Amazon’s latest purchases have left many wondering if this will be a domain fad or the next big thing in web addresses. Consider how your online presence could be improved by extending your brand across multiple gTLDS, we know that registering a few to either promote or protect yourself couldn’t do any harm…
On one hand, you have prevented a competitor or domain squatter from registering a domain similar to yours. On the other hand, you have a chance to expand your reach, recognition and reputation.
Reach: Become more accessible to your clients by adding more content, creating a consistent tone of voice and putting it all on an easily accessible platform. Generic Top Level Domains (if used creatively) can create pages specifically for the target, topic or audience you are looking to address. The trick is to think of solutions to your ideal domain and create a brand strategy that makes your domains work for you.
Recognition: Every business can’t have a recognizable brand like the golden arches or a red bullseye, however most can make use their brand to spark recognition wherever possible. Social media provides a great avenue to draw attention from your audience and creating specific links for each campaign gives you the ability to track each one, so you can analyze which campaign is working best. Remember, creativity is key.
Reputation: The web is full of stories about businesses who have tried to improve their brand reputation only for their plan to backfire. Even seemingly great ideas can go wrong. (Starbucks anyone? How about #AskACop?) The key is to know your audience completely; no rules or regulations will ever guide you unless you know your clientele inside and out.

Now get thinking and get searching for ways to make your new gTLDs work for you. Get started at  

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