.Surf’s Up!

Queue up the springing reverb of your favorite surf music because .surf is about to catch some air…

This month the new web address ending .surf went on sale. Hundreds of varieties of the address have now been sold to businesses like Coasthouse and Vides Surf. But there are still plenty of addresses left for you to make your own waves.
And, because it’s Friday, we thought we’d inspire you with two doses of surf-related info. Firstly, we thought we’d get you in the spirit with a recap of surf terminology, then we thought we’d get you craving the ripcurls with our round up of all things ‘broceanography’ (the ability to find sweet surfing spots).
Ankle Busters: Small waves that are not worth surfing.
Bail out: Last minute decision to not take on a big wave.
Banzai: What you yell as you drop down to take on an epic wave.
Barrel: When the perfect wave breaks and creates a hollow channel as it curls over.
Big Gun: A surf board that measures 9 feet or longer.
Bogus: Not cool or ridiculous, unbelievable.
Bombora: Huge wave that breaks outside the normal surf line.
Carve: To make a sharp or drastic turn while surfing.
Cruncher: A big and hard breaking wave that is almost impossible to ride.
Double Spinner: Two 360-degree body spins on a surfboard.
Eat It: To crash, fall, or wipeout on a surfboard.
Face: The unbroken vertical wall of a wave before it breaks.
Glassy: A smooth surface on top of the water, usually when wind is calm.
Gnarlatious: Great, awesome, or amazing.
Green Room: The inside of a wave barrel.
Gremlin: A newcomer to surfing, a beginner.
Hang Five/Ten: To put five (or ten) toes over the nose of the surfboard.
Heavies: Waves measuring larger than 12 feet.
Hodad: A non-surfer, someone who just hangs around the beach.
Kahuna: The Hawaiian god of sun, sand, and surf.
Log: A surfboard made from wood rather than the modern foam.
Max Out: Be over the limit, or over the top.
Meatball: A yellow flag with a black circle indicating, “No Surfing”.
Mondo: Huge or of epic proportions.
Nailed: To crash or wipe out in an extreme fashion.
Neptune Cocktail: The belly full of water ingested by wiping out or falling off your board.
Over the Falls: To wipe out or get dragged over the break of a wave.
Pounder: A hard breaking wave.
Rails: Rounded edges of a surfboard.
Ripping: Optimum performance while riding a wave, otherwise known as ‘owning it’.
Sand Facial: The result of falling off your board and being dragged across the bottom face first.
Selling Buicks: The process of reverse ingestion or regurgitation of Neptune Cocktails, never pretty.
Shred: Surf aggressively.
Wipe Out: To crash or fall while surfing.
Now here are the some of the best places to surf in the world – brought to you live from streaming webcams. Check out the waves from across the globe to plan your next .surf adventure. (If video is dark it is due to time differences in some areas)
Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

Northeast Puerto Rico

La Ocho Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at Surfline.com

North Shore, Oahu

Pipeline Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at Surfline.com

Surfside, California, US

Surfside Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at Surfline.com

Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Island, British Colombia
Seaside Heights, New Jersey, US
Pipeline North Shore, Hawaii, US
To get your own .surf, visit the Midphase website.