Let A gTLD Be Your Money Maker

Show your customers how serious you are about managing their money online with a new gTLD.
The internet is expanding: there are now over 1000 domain names available for your business or personal website. Following a shortage in the standard .coms, .orgs and .nets, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have been releasing a steady flow of alternative web address endings to open up a broader online world of opportunities online for webizens wishing to house their website.
Unsurprisingly, a large number of these new releases are financial, designed for use by those who provide financial services. And that doesn’t mean they’re solely for the banks and credit card companies; your finance department could store their databases at a financial domain without setting the domain name live on the web.
So what are the options?
With so many financial services domain names available for registration, you are sure to find the domain name that fits your needs to a tee. Let’s start with the very basic:
This overarching domain name could be used to accommodate all kinds of monetary data. Perhaps your company provides financial services, or as previously mentioned your finance department needs a place to store their vital information that keeps your company ticking over. A finance domain has such broad potential that it can be used in a variety of ways.
If you are looking for something a little different, .financial is also an option.
A little narrower than the all-encompassing .finance domain name, .insure showcases what you do from the get-go: your site visitors won’t be left wondering what services you offer.
Use your .insure domain name to provide information about your business, insurance policies you have on offer and any contact information your customers may need.
Just like a .insure domain name, .investments highlights to your site visitors that you’re all about growing their worth. Your .investments website will speak volumes to your customers, letting them know from the outset that their money is in safe hands with your business.
This domain name is pretty black and white: it’s for those in the accounting business. If that’s what your company offers, consider registering a .accountants domain name for the chance to outline your industry in your web address without making it too lengthy.
weareaccountants.com takes a lot more time to input into a search bar than weare.accountants and in accounting time is money.
Whether you offer personal or business loans, a .loans domain is the perfect environment for your site. Like a .accountants domain name, this one speaks volumes about your industry which is great business practice: transparency from a loans company is championed by your customers.
The web isn’t all about making money; it’s a great place to raise funds for worthy causes, bringing us together as a global community in support of those in need.
Follow in the footsteps of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation – which can be found at bornthisway.foundation – and house your charitable organisation online at a .foundation domain name.

There’s a gTLD for all businesses: find the perfect web address to suit your industry by checking out our domain name search page.