The Photo Opportunity Of The Year


The second batch of the Internet’s web addresses go on sale today, and they’re the perfect fit for creatives.

If you’re a curator, a photographer, or a graphic designer, you spend your life fine-tuning things. Now, you can give your web address the same treatment.

Today, you don’t have to settle for a website name that ends the same way as all the others. Instead, you can get a web address that shouts about the industry you’re in. Choose from the list below…


New: Instant Website

Free Webpage at InstantWebsite

From 0 to website in not much more than 60 seconds.

Ever felt like a salmon swimming up stream? In the past, this has been the experience of people trying to establish themselves or their businesses online.


Super Bowl Sunday-Off



As the Seahawks prepare to face the Broncos, a parallel versus kicks off at Midphase.

At Midphase we say tomayto and tomarto. Our company has offices on both sides of the pond. The Utah guys are just waking up as the London team nears the end of the working day. We conduct meetings through Skype, and the Americans don’t get it when the Brits use words like jumper (that’s a sweater) and wellie (that’s a rubber boot).


T Minus 6 Days


It’s less than a week until a new range of web addresses explodes onto the internet.

The clock is counting down faster than the one in an episode of 24. It seems like only yesterday the newspapers broke the news that a whole new era of website addresses was being made available. Now there’s less than a week until the first new names are launched.


Good .company

World Map for Co

The advantages of .co web addresses for small businesses.

Have you got your business online yet? If not, you’re not alone. According to a national survey by Wakefield Research, a massive 45 percent of small business owners don’t have a presence on the Web. What’s more, the same study showed that 49 percent of the small business owners who did have a virtual home, were unhappy with their website address.


Midphase calls lights, camera, action on .la



Actors, boutiques and design companies have already got their .la websites. Who’s next? Midphase hopes it’s The Hoff.

Los Angeles is the city of reinvention. It’s where Norma Jean became Marilyn Monroe and where Walter Willison became Bruce Willis. So it makes sense that the city was the first in line when it came to Web address rebranding.


5 Things You’d Forgotten About The Internet

Memory Lane

Midphase takes a break from focusing on the future to take a walk along the virtual memory lane.

At Midphase, we strive to stay ahead of the game as far as the internet is concerned. Having said that, we think it’s important to remember your roots. So, here are our misty watercolour memories of the way the internet looked 10 years ago…


Get the Domain Name You’ve Always Wanted! – New Domain Extensions for Better Branding

New gTLD Domains

Sometimes registering a domain name can be a little bit frustrating as you rack your brain trying to come up with the perfect one; something that’s succinct, yet strong, appropriate, relevant and most of all not already taken!

This is a common inconvenience and, more than likely, nearly everyone who attempts to register a new domain is going to come up against some kind of disappointment in finding their ideal .com or .net has been snagged by someone else. Even more aggravating is noticing your ultimate domain name is tied to a rather ridiculous website.

So, before you start to get too stressed out just thinking about it, allow us to make your day with this little announcement:

You will soon have the opportunity to purchase an industry-specific domain extension from over 700 NEW domain extension possibilities!  We’re talking about domains that end with .family, .web, .online, blog, .tech and more!


Extra Chilly Temperatures Bring on the PRICE FREEZE

Web Hosting Deal

Brrrrrrrrr, do you feel that? How can you not! It’s hard not to notice there’s something in the air right about now; a sweeping freeze affecting the nation. No, we’re not talking about the weather outside; we’re referring to our sudden PRICE FREEZE!

The temperatures from state to state have dropped significantly, and as a result, so have our prices! Not only have our prices dropped, they’re frozen at lower rates from now until February.


The New (AKA Best Looking Website on the Internet)

Midphase Web Hosting

Change can put a bad taste in your mouth but, when you do a huge revamp of your look, change couldn’t be a more delicious word!

For the last few days we’ve been indulging on the aesthetics of the best looking and most functional web hosting website on the wide world of the web.

You can too; feast your eyes on this;