Locked Out? Best Password Managers

Passwords play two roles. Their first purpose is to keep our information safe from anyone who might use it for nefarious deeds. The second role, which you hopefully don’t encounter often, is as a gatekeeper preventing us from accessing our own information when we forget the password. Forgetting an important password can bring our otherwise completely productive day to a screeching halt. This is where password managers get to act like heroes saving us from ourselves.
Password managers take the guesswork out of remembering our most important phrases and passcodes. No longer are you forced to ponder, “Was there an exclamation point?” or “Did I use the number one instead of the letter i?” Instead, we can save our information into a password manager and let it take over.
Note: Do not, I repeat, do not lose the password to your password manager – your life will crumble before your very eyes. Instead, save it in a secure physical location like a safe.
To save you from banging your head against the keyboard while trying to remember exactly which password you used for whichever obscure website you had to log into, we have created a list of our favorite three password managers. Our list begins with LastPass, the king of passwords, but we have also included some others you might not be familiar with.

Never click the ‘Forgot Password’ link again, see our top three password managers below:


As the undisputed king of passwords, LastPass has an approximate 7 million users. The application integrates seamlessly with most internet browsers and quickly fills in the required login information. As well as safely storing our passwords, LastPass also allows you to share passwords with others and generate rock-solid passwords that will stump any hacker. LastPass offers a free version that meets most basic password needs, but also has Premium versions for additional security.
Choose from Individual, Family, Teams, or Enterprise packages that range from $2-$6 per month. LastPass also offers credit monitoring services, two-factor authentication, and auto-fill features for easy shopping. Premium versions include sharing your LastPass between your various devices and expert technical support should you need it. Download now at LastPass.com.


When 1Password was created, developers offered $100,000 to anyone who could break into it. Suffice to say, they never had to pay out. 1Password offers password generation and secure sharing, but where it excels is in its “Watchtower” feature. 1Password screens your internet activity and can actively warn you if you are being breached. Securely save your entire wallet for secure shopping and sync your information between devices. 1Password covers all of your password needs for $3 – $5 per month, but they do offer a free trial while you decide. Sign up at 1Password.com.


While Dashlane may appear to be another run-of-the-mill password, it actually has some pretty impressive features. The platform allows you to manage up to 50 passwords for free, but also offers premium versions with unlimited space and credit monitoring services. The platform has grown increasingly intuitive over the years and allows you to securely save notes and documents.
Dashlane will also alert you to security breaches happening at the locations you have logins for. For example, if a hotel you frequent experiences a data breach, then Dashlane will notify you. The platform also allows you to quickly change passwords in just a few clicks, and even includes a VPN service should you need to protect your browsing in public places like airports or coffee shops. Dashlane is the Cadillac of password managers if you are good with the price. You can sign up at Dashlane.com.

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