Signs That You Are Ready To Become An Entrepreneur

Whether you are thinking about working on a side gig or quitting your day job altogether, it can be nerve-wracking to become an entrepreneur. How do you know if you have the necessary characteristics and qualities to succeed? We’ve assembled a list of attributes to help you decide if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to set out in the digital Wild West of ecommerce.

Say goodbye to 9 to 5

It’s been said that there are two types of people in the world: entrepreneurs and everyone else. Individuals who start their own businesses are creators, innovators, and most of all, incredibly hard working. If you consider yourself to be the type of person who paves their own way, you most likely have a few more signs that you’re ready to become an entrepreneur as seen in the below…

Signs you have the gusto to build your own business:

You work well alone.

The early years of business-building can be lonely. It is often one entrepreneur alone with their goals until budgets allow for additional employees.

You have a dream.

Many small businesses fail: 66% within the first three years to be exact. The majority of these small businesses fail because they don’t have a vision of where they need to be and how they are going to get there. Successful entrepreneurs have a dream and a plan on how to reach it.

You’re adaptable.

Small businesses rarely function as originally planned. Entrepreneurs must, therefore, be flexible in order to adjust to new ideas and restrictions. If the idea of change excites you, then owning your own small business is most likely in your future.

You thrive in uncomfortable situations.

Owning a business removes any routine you’ve previously enjoyed, and throws your stable income out the window. If you are comfortable in unknown situations, you have the entrepreneurial spirit.

You are well-read.

Entrepreneurs have a thirst for knowledge. The quest for more information comes in the form of internet research, stacks of books, or even conversations with industry leaders.

You despise mediocrity.

If “good enough” makes you cringe you might be ready for self-ownership. Successful entrepreneurs are consistently striving for perfection. It’s how brilliant businesses are made.

You work well without supervision.

Everyone thinks that working without a boss would be easier, but easier doesn’t mean more productivity. If you are the sort of person who works well without authority, then entrepreneurship might be for you.

You like lists.

Being organized and making plans is very important for small businesses. Your brain might be too busy to remember where you put your keys, but you have a detailed list of the tasks you are to accomplish before bed each day.

You enjoy learning new skills and solving problems.

Startups rarely have the money to hire a team to solve a problem. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a website error, entrepreneurs love to dig in and get their hands dirty. Problem-solving is typically how individuals acquire an assortment of skillsets perfect for building small businesses.
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