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This article contains information about adding another domain to your hosting account.

To add this through your cPanel. Choose the menu option "Add-On Domains."

New Domain Name: the name of the domain (ex:

Username/directory/subdomain: the FOLDER you wish for the domain to point towards (ex: yourdomain). The word in this text box will be used for username, directory and subdomain.

NOTE: simply the name of the folder you want the domain's content to be stored will be sufficient. It can be a folder that already exists or make up a name and it will create the folder for you.

Password: password for your account

Ftp user will be with the password you are creating here. This will allow a new ftp user access to this directory only.

Be sure to wait a couple of minutes for the page to load after you create them. It takes a few minutes from when you click on add for a confirmation screen to appear.

Be sure to update your name servers for your addon domain to point to the same nameservers as your main domain.