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How To Set up an email account within Outlook



This guide is designed to assist you in configuring the mail client Outlook to access an email address. A mail client lets you access your email account from an app on your computer or mobile device, examples of this are Apple Mail and Outlook. 


This article will detail how to use the e-mail accounts that you have set up on Outlook. 


**All pictures are for reference only. The actual layout of your interface may differ from the images below** 


Step 1: Open the Outlook application on your device. 


Step 2: Select file in the top left corner of the application and then Add Account. 

Step 3: You will then need to enter your email address in the following popup and also select Advanced options and tick the Let me set up my account manually checkbox. 

Step 4:  You will then need to select the account type, we would advise that you use IMAP, as this stores the message on a server and synchronizes the message across multiple devices if they are also using the IMAP protocol. 

Step 5:   You will then need to enter the incoming and outgoing mail server settings, as can be seen in the image below. Please ensure that the SPA checkbox is not ticked, and if not using SSL settings set the Encryption method to None.

Step 6: You will then need to enter your email password for the account as can be seen below and select "Connect". 

Step 7:  The account setup is now complete, you will then need to select "OK" on the final popup. 

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