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How to log into Webmail for StackCP Hosted email address

In this section, we will detail the ways to log into your StackCP email address through Webmail.

Login via Webmail directly:

1. Log in to webmail at
Here you will be prompted for your email address and your email password. Please enter them in the fields provided and click ‘Login’.
2. This will log you into webmail.

Login to Webmail via CHI:

1. Log into your account from

2. Go to the 'Email Hosting' tab within your midphase CHI account and select the domain you wish to access the email for.

3. On this page, click the 'Log in to Webmail' button.

4. This will bring up a box that will prompt you for your email password. Enter your password and click 'Authenticate'.

5. This will log you into webmail.

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