.website Hits 100,000 Registrations

The latest gTLD to make a splash – .website – has reached the 100,000 registration milestone.

Of the hundreds of gTLDs that have been released since 2013, few of them have become overnight successes. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for the general organization of the internet and they have been debuting alternatives to the over-registered .com, .org and .net.
These alternative web addresses are referred to as gTLDs (generic top level domains). Some of the most popular include .club, .photography, .xyz and now .website. The .website web address ending came onto the scene as the first truly generic alternative to our pre-existing domains.  
Launched June 24, 2014, the widespread success of .website is likely down to the gTLDs’ unique qualities that very few other web address endings feature. The founder of the .website phenomenon, Bhavin Turakhia, stated at launch that the .website domain is “a strong mass market new gTLD that has immense potential”, and he was absolutely correct.
The word website is synonymous with the internet and is understood in many languages. It also has a high recall value, meaning that it’s easily remembered and that it’s self-explanatory. These characteristics are the recipe for success when creating a high-demand domain.   
Not only has the .website gTLD seen over 100,000 registrations, many of these sites are highly successful. Over 18,000 .website pages have SEO percentage scores of over 80%, showing that those who are registering .website domains are putting them to good use with skillful designers.
Web addresses ending in .website have been ranked 6th favorite by corporations looking to expand their website or domain portfolio. We can most likely see many more .website domains registered either as new websites or to redirect to existing sites.

Many speculate that another gTLD – .online – may prove to be stiff competition for .website, but that remains to be seen. The options for creative and functional domain names are infinite and your next great website is waiting for you at Midphase.com. From start to finish we’ve got your back to get your site up and running in a snap with no hassle and at low cost.

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