Twelve Days of Christmas – "11 Pipers Piping"

Midphase is bringing you “The Twelve Days of Christmas” with a twist. Join us for our version of the eleventh day of Christmas.
Midphase is celebrating the holiday season by counting down “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Rather than following the traditional format of beginning the twelve days on the 25th of December, our impatient minds decided to count up to Christmas Day with extra competitions and deals as an added bonus.
Now I know that when you sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” the eleven pipers piping
bring to mind a bunch of guys with flutes, but I intend to change that. I consider myself to be someone who thinks outside the box, and instead I am bringing you my own sweet version of the eleventh day of Christmas.
“Given the fact that applying frosting to a cake is referred to as ‘piping’ it follows that the individual who applies the frosting could logically be called a ‘piper’. This of course gives me an excuse to talk about cupcakes as well as help us imagine the prancing about of bakers with poofy hats the next time we sing the classic English carol (because who wouldn’t rather a cupcake over a flute?)
Here is an outline of the 11 simple steps for creating the perfect frosted pastry to become a piper piping. Brought to you by the power of Midphase’s Twelve Days of Christmas:
Step #1: Choose a frosting.
Perhaps a vanilla buttercream? Or chocolate fudge? Be sure that the frosting has a somewhat stiff consistency for easier application. You will know you have the right texture if your spatula creates peaks when stirring.
Step #2: Use quality tools while baking.
Your baking adventures could be pretty intense without the right tools, particularly when considering a piping bag. Don’t confuse expense with quality – you should be able to find an excellent piping bag and tips for less than $40. Shop around and read reviews for best results.
Step #3: Learn the tips.
There is an assortment of piping tips that each offer their own unique pattern. Decide which one you are looking for to create your perfectly piped icing.
Step #4: Add a tip and fill the piping bag.
This simple step can make or break your enjoyment levels while baking. Select a tip for your frosting and attach it to the piping bag. Fold the top half of the bag over the bottom and begin filling with frosting. Only fill the piping bag about halfway full – you are going to want some extra room in the top to twist without spilling the frosting all over.
Step #5: Ready the bag for frosting action.
Once the bag is halfway filled with frosting, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. Twist the frosting to the bottom of the bag by gathering the excess fabric and twisting while applying pressure to the bag.
Step #6: Ready. Set. Frost.
Start on the outer edge of of your selected pastry or cake. Hold the twisted portion of the piping bag in one hand while guiding the tip with the other. Move the tip in small circles around the pastry or cake until you reach the very center.
Step #7: Make a peak.
At the very center of your pastry or cake leave a small peak of frosting for a beautiful finish.
Step #8: Take a picture.
Take a photo of your wonderful creation to prove that you created the masterpiece – once you’ve eaten it you will not be able to prove it ever existed.
Step #9: Eat and enjoy.
Relish the fact that you are now a successful piper piping!
Step #10: Repeat your success!
There is a reason for the extra cookie in a baker’s dozen – it’s so the baker can have one too! Not really, I made that up, but it makes sense don’t you think?
Step #11: Spread the news.
Register a creative domain to showcase your newly discovered talents with a .cooking website at! All that is left is to enjoy your baker/rockstar status.

Happy eleventh day of Christmas from Midphase!