The New (AKA Best Looking Website on the Internet)

Midphase Web Hosting
Change can put a bad taste in your mouth but, when you do a huge revamp of your look, change couldn’t be a more delicious word!
For the last few days we’ve been indulging on the aesthetics of the best looking and most functional web hosting website on the wide world of the web.
You can too; feast your eyes on this;

Website Hosting Company
We’re biased you say? Well let’s put it next to another website on the Internet and see if you agree the new truly is the best.

Enough said.
Ok, joking aside, we are very happy to introduce the look of our new brand based on extensive user testing and 15 years of experience in the hosting industry. The key focus of the website is to help our website visitors, who typically don’t know a lot about website hosting, to find their way to the right information and eventually develop the trust needed to join our loyal client base.
One of the most exciting parts of the new website is that it’s responsive, meaning the entire layout of the website changes based on the visitor’s screen size (and one of our designer’s desk looked pretty epic while it all happened). When visiting on a desktop with a normal monitor you’ll see it in the way I’ve shown above but if you’re on a mobile device it’ll look like this;
Responsive Design Example
In addition to a new site we also moved to version 3 of our logo. We won’t take away your artistic liberties to study its design but check out how awesome it looks when considering the new UK2 Group, our parent company, logo:
Midphase Logos
Last but not least, we wrapped several big changes into the new redesign.

  1. We introduced our new culture code called “Mpowered” which implies that we are empowered to help you become successful online so you can become Midphase powered through the products and services we offer. We have big plans for this so watch this space for big giveaways, fun contests, success stories and more.
  2. We introduced a considerable benefit to all domain registrations; each new domain comes with a free one page website! Our domain prices have still remained the same but now we include one free website builder page with your domain. Use it for whatever you want; publishing contact details, a simple page advertising your business services, or to highlight that you’re currently building a website. No matter how it’s used, you’re way better off. Think of it, that’s a $.95/month website.
  3. We updated our entire dedicated server lineup on an entirely new on-demand platform capable of delivering servers faster than anyone else can dream. On the small side you can get an Intel Xeon 3440 with 8GB RAM and 3TBs of bandwidth for just $129/month and on the top side you’ll sit fat with an Intel Dual E5-2620 with 32GB RAM and 100TBs of bandwidth! I’d like to see you try to take that server to its knees.
  4. Even though it was on our old website for a few weeks, I can’t talk about big new changes without paying tribute to our new website builder. Easily creating a website that can do all you want and look incredibly professional is where our online website builder shines; what else could you ask for?

Now that I’ve gushed about the new website and all the new offerings; we would love to hear what you think, for better or worse!
Tell us what you think.