The Most Inappropriate Domain Names Ever

Posted by Yasmin El-Saie

Warning: the domains in this post will make you say “ugh”.

Choosing a new domain name is a hugely important task as it will become the calling card of your new business or venture. Getting your future website name wrong may cost you in several ways. It can impact on your search rankings, the domain name might be banned from WiFi with parental controls, and it might just send the wrong message to your audience.

It is easy to get carried away when creating a website name, and sometimes when written out in front of you the cool name you aimed for suddenly turns into one of the worst website names ever! What was short, snappy and cool suddenly has a double entendre or is downright rude. Some of the names do make us smile though, so we thought we must share them with you.

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite unintentionally worst website names ever:



Is it really crap? This business of IT smart recovery and disposal of assets chose a very unfortunate name indeed. Its so bad that their website has been removed and is currently under construction!

  1.  speedofart.com

Wow, this one gives wind a whole new speeding meaning. On visiting their website, you do get a feeling of it being abandoned. It is actually full or errors and the homepage has a link to the Worlds worst named domains-visit them all.

  1.  therapistlocator.net

Are you looking for a doctor or for a criminal in your area? Read incorrectly, this website name is extremely unfortunate. Looking at the website, it has a slideshow of family pictures, promoting love and connectedness. What an unfortunate double entendre.

  1.  penisland.net

We have to admit that this one made us literally LOL! The website actually sells Pen Islandpenswho would have thought?

  1.  lesbocages.com

This has got to be one of the worst website names ever. It is not only unfortunate, it could also been seen as inappropriate and offensive. The website is about arborists in Brittany and it is actually very serious and green. To Les Bocages, a mixed terrain of woodland and pasture, we are sorry to say the name is inappropriately hilarious!

  1.  expertsexchange.com

We think theyve caught onto their terrible choice of domain name as it no longer hosts a website!

  1.  teacherstalking.org

Are you looking for a tutor for your kids or are you a psychopath looking for your next prey? This website has really got it wrong – one of the worst website names to date.

  1.  mp3shits.com

We know they got the message as this legal music services guide has redirected their unfortunate domain name to something much more fitting: legalmusiconline.info

  1. choosespain.com

Really? Do we need more pain? Is this a clinical condition, a choice to feel pain? Actually, its nothing to do with pain, it is in fact choosing Spain! Absolutely hilarious.

  1.  masterbaitonline.com

We couldnt resist mentioning this one! The website is actually for a bait shop in Florida, offering private charters and equipment.

How to prevent choosing a problematic domain name:

All jokes and insinuations aside, how do you check if your choice of website name is a good one? Googles Matt Cutts has some handy tips on how to check if a prospective domain name has any bad history associated with it.

Cutts suggests you start by doing a site search in Google for your chosen domain name. This applies if the name has been pre-owned, as black hat SEO tacticscould have blacklisted the domain name or spamming attempts could have been tried. Searching Google and Bing for the domain plus any spam keywords should reveal any past associations. This will include any spam comments that were left in the past and/or anyone mentioning the domain with respect to spamming attempts.

According to Cutts, another method to check on the domain reputation is to use archive.org. Here you enter the domain name, and the archive website will show you all of the previous versions of what the site looked like. This is a good indicator if the previous website was legitimate or a method of spamming. It is possible to block the access to archive.org for a given domain name so see that as a red flag.

Overall, Cutts warns to be very careful when buying a pre-owned domain from a seller. In addition to the above tips, Cutts suggests you ask for any analytics or Google Search Console data.

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