Sneak Peek At New Domains Coming To Midphase

New Top Level Domains are coming to Midphase! Take a look at what you can expect in the near future.
We are super excited to announce that we will soon be releasing a range of new Top Level Domains. These alternative web address endings belong to the gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) category which are used to expand your web address options beyond the typical .com, .org and .net.

If you are not yet familiar with our gTLD program, you can learn more from this blog post.

In the thirty years that internet users have been registering web addresses, the .com address ending availability has continued to dwindle. This creates .coms that are either too long and complicated, or too expensive. The new gTLD program bypasses these issues and has created an entirely new market for domains.
Depending on your area of expertise or interest, there are hundreds of domain names currently available and soon to be even more. If you are looking to register a new domain for any project or website be sure to investigate all of your options.

See a list of our most popular generic Top Level Domains here.

If you still can’t find exactly what you need, check back regularly as we add new domains all the time. As soon as ICANN fires the starting gun we will make sure that they are available to you. Take a look below at the gTLDs set for release in the near future:
For anyone who takes pride in their technical experience in the cloud and beyond.
You can finally give your furry friend the credit they deserve, purrfect for groomers and breeders.  
It seems only fair that the most sold book in history has its own spot on the web.
Pour a tall glass and collaborate with other wine connoisseurs from around the globe.
If the future of our planet is a topic in your life, share it with the world with a blog or website.
Stay connected with those you love with a website created especially for your relatives both near and far.
And many more…

Keep tabs on the Midphase blog for information about upcoming domains.