The MidPhase Stimulus Package

News that the US federal reserve is meeting today for it’s mid-year policy review has been overshadowed by the announcement from Midphase Inc of it’s flag ship Midphase Stimulus Package.
Commentators speculating on the continuation of quantitative easing quickly turned their focus to the extraordinary discounts offered to web entrepreneurs starting reseller hosting businesses this month. Loud exclamations of “golly gee willickers, with unlimited SSLs?” and “for just one dollar?” were heard coming from the Federal Open Market Committee.
Analysts are widely predicting that the US economy will begin to recover, bolstered in part by the tech sector. To do it’s bit and take away the risk of starting your business, Midphase is offering their reseller web hosting plan for just $1. This offer is available for a limited time only, so check out the full specifications here.
The Reseller product is a completely new product to Midphase, and one that we’re all really proud of. If you have any feedback or features that you would like to see, please post a comment below
tom 🙂