Be Happier and More Successful In 7 Steps

Many businessmen and women are working harder and for longer hours to find happiness and success, but there might be a better way…
Americans tend to have a very strong work ethic;  reports show that we are working longer hours than ever before. We have created a narrative that convinces us all that if we work more then we will be happier. But could this actually be false? Emma Seppala, the science director for Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and author of The Happiness Track, says that it is.
Seppala states in her book that success and happiness is not waiting at the finish line of our long hours. She lists other habits that she says are scientifically proven to create the success we are searching for. Neuroscientific researchers helped develop ideas featured in the book, exploring the effects of various activities on the brain and their relationship with happiness. “When I looked at the research, I saw that – overwhelmingly – happiness is actually the secret to success,” she writes in this blog post.
Seppala has seven recommendations to get off the work track and on the path for happiness and success:

  • Live in the moment.

Research shows that worrying about the future counteracts creativity and happiness. Instead, train yourself to focus on the present. Enjoy where you are and who you are with right now rather than worrying about next week or next month. the anxiety that is created from the unknown creates a sense of dread that can rob our brains from the happiness we deserve.

  • Train your resilience mechanisms.

Sometimes it’s easier to play it safe and not take any risks. Criticism can hold us back from trying new things, leading to boredom and dissatisfaction. Seppala recommends training our resilience mechanisms to better handle setbacks and criticism and bounce back into action.  

  • Monitor your energy.

Too much work can result in burnout, a very real thing that can happen to the best of us. Rather than continuing on at full throttle until there isn’t any energy left, train yourself to constantly monitor your energy levels and only apply as much energy as is required for that specific task.

  • Sometimes, just do nothing.

Enthusiasm can sometimes convince us to strive to work more and more around the clock when sometimes doing nothing is the best plan of action. Teach yourself to play, be silly or sometimes just sit quietly to rejuvenate your overworked brain. Taking a few minutes to do nothing can help your brain focus and prioritize.

  • Be kind to yourself.

High achievers can often be their own worst critics. Sometimes our own self depreciation can be detrimental to our happiness and success. Train yourself to be as kind to yourself as you would be to others. By showing ourselves compassion we can quickly pick ourselves up and try again.   

  • Be brave.

Developing a routine can be a great comfort in a new situation, but sometimes those same routines can deprive our brains from the stimulus they crave. Stepping out of our daily routines and out of our comfort zones forces us to expand our minds and become willing to be creative. If you are facing boredom or feel like your life is becoming too much of a routine, you can improve your happiness and success by being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Show compassion to others.  

Increased self worth and happiness lies in being of service to others. By showing compassion to others we develop a sense of gratitude that can be hard to find when we become focused on the negative. Whether you serve others in big or small ways you can create a sense of happiness and success that we are all looking for.
Going through these steps will initially be a challenge which is why Seppala recommends tracking your progress with a journal or a blog. A blog can act as a record of your achievement as well as a way to help others that are struggling with the same issues. Blogs are an easy way to create a platform for engaging with others and sharing your success.

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