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Everything You Need To Start Your Own Hosting Business

All Plans Include

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Client Billing Software
  • 10 Dedicated SSLs
  • 1 Dedicated IP
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Reseller Hosting

Everything You Need, Bundled and Ready

All of our reseller hosting packages are bundled with the products and services you need to hit the ground running. Our single sign-on control panel lets you manage all of your clients in one place. Whether you are moving your reseller web hosting business to us from a competitor or starting from scratch, we are ready to get you started.

Bulk Domain Transfers

White Labeled So You Can Slap Your Name On it!

Your brand identity is key to the growth of your business, especially in a competitive market as a web hosting reseller. All of your client touch-points are completely white labeled so you can build trust and focus on building your business. In the end, your success is our success.

Custom Nameservers

Custom Nameservers

We’ve been around more than a decade and know all the t’s to cross and i’s to dot when it comes to white labeled reseller hosting. All reseller web hosting plans include custom DNS so your clients can point their website to DNS labeled with your business… It wouldn’t make sense to white label everything and then have your clients point their DNS to, would it?

Full Grown Reseller Support

Full Grown Reseller Hosting Support

This isn’t the minor leagues, we know your business better than anyone… after all, it’s our business too; we do hosting all day, every day. Our support department is staffed 24x7x365 with smart people who understand your needs, have experienced many of the same challenges, and are empowered to deliver results to your business. Give us a call and start a solid supplier relationship with us today.

Nightly Backups

Nightly Backups

If it was just your personal website, that's one thing, but where you are hosting a large number of your clients on our servers, we recognize the need to protect your business assets. Regular backups add another layer of peace of mind that protects your reseller web hosting business if disaster strikes.

Bottomless Domains

Bottomless Domains and Databases

Yeah we know, everyone says unlimited, and we’re transparent enough to say we do set realistic limitations on stuff like disk space, but on domains and databases the sky's the limit! This is one area that you will need the flexibility to grow infinitely with your business; we’re prepared to support your growth 100% of the way.

Enterprise Data Centres

Enterprise Level Data Center

Midphase is part of a much larger hosting group called the UK2 Group. Within this group, we manage several hosting brands that involve expensive and highly technical networking gear, security, and infrastructure. As a result, all of our brands are located in the same facility, using the same infrastructure, and benefitting from millions of dollars of investments within the data center. We are pleased to pass this same benefit to your business.

Dedicated Secure Certificates (SSL)

Dedicated Secure Certificates (SSL)

Becoming a hosting reseller means you get at least 10 SSL’s and one dedicated IP address with your reseller hosting package. Your larger clients who are serious about ecommerce will want their own, and we provide options for you to allocate an SSL and/or an IP to your client hosting accounts. Of course, you can purchase more than come packed into the plan so get started using them now!

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Register or Transfer Domains in Bulk

OK, so you are ready to move your thriving hosting business over to an affordable reseller hosting plan… now what? Our brainiac development teams have built bulk domain registration and transfer tools to make your experience with us seamless and headache free.

Reseller Control Panel

Powered by the most popular software available to a web hosting reseller, each reseller hosting package includes a license for cPanel WHM, with the ability to create custom packages including the full benefits of overselling. Our unlimited reseller hosting makes it even more affordable by giving you the ability to host unlimited accounts. There's no need to remember multiple login credentials; these unlimited reseller hosting plans allow access and management of every account you've created from one interface.

In addition, we provide free tools to track all your clients, automatically renew their services and even a helpdesk to respond to any concerns.

Midphase reseller hosting plans provide you with all the tools and support needed to become your own web host. Now that’s easy money!

WHM 11.x

WHM 11.x Demo

With our innovative control panel you can manage your customers websites, packages, passwords and much more at anytime from any device in the world.

View Demo

Username: demo
Password: demo

FREE Billing System

FREE Billing System

With our FREE billing software you can easily keep track of all of your clients, automatically bill them. WHMCS also has a built in Helpdesk so you can provide support to your customers.

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cPanel Control Panel

cPanel 11.x

cPanel allows your customers to manage and monitor their website. This easy to use interface is packed full of useful features. Inside cPanel domain owners can manage email and ftp accounts, view site statistics, manage addon and parked domains,manage their files, backup their site, and more.

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Username: demo
Password: demo

Reseller Plan Specs

  All Reseller Plans

Core Features

Unlimited Domains Yes
Custom Nameservers Yes
Client Billing Software Yes
Dedicated Secure Certificates (SSL) 10
Dedicated IPs 1
Additional Dedicated IP $1.95/mo

Premium Hosting Features

Number of MySQL Databases Unlimited
PHP 5 Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes
WordPress Support Yes
Softaculous Yes
Sub-domains Yes
SSH Access Yes
SSL Secure Website Access Yes
Shared Secure Certificate Yes

Exclusive Midphase Features

Midphase Control Panel Yes
Ad-Free Hosting Yes
Toll-free 24/7 Human Support Yes
Instant Account Activation Yes
Nightly Backups Yes
Setup ($49.95 value!) Yes

Email Features

Email Accounts Unlimited
Email Forwarders Unlimited
Auto Responders Unlimited
Spam Assassin Yes
Mailing Lists Unlimited
Advanced Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection $12/yr per domain
Enterprise-class Webmail Yes
SMTP Access Yes
IMAP Access Yes
Sendmail/Exim Yes
GnuPG PGP Secure Email Encryption Yes
Email Alias Yes

Advanced Hosting Features

FTP Accounts Yes
Private .htaccess Yes
Cron Job Editor Yes
PHP 5 Yes
Python Yes
Perl-CGI Yes
Ruby On Rails Yes
Personal CGI-BIN Yes
Web Database Manager (phpMyAdmin) Yes
MIME Types Yes
IP Banning Access Yes
File Handlers Yes
GD Graphics Library Yes
ImageMagick 5+ Support Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes
cURL Library Yes
Web-based File Manager Yes

Web Design Features

Website Builder Tools Yes
WordPress Support Yes
Online Form Builder Yes
Dreamweaver Support Yes
FTP Client Support Yes
Instant Blog Yes
Instant Forums Yes
Instant Guestbook Yes
CMS (Content Management System) Yes
PHPNuke Yes

Online Statistics

Webalizer Yes
Analog Log File Analysis Yes
Visitor Tracking Reports Yes
Sub-Domain Stats Yes
Access Raw Log Files Yes
AWStats(Awesome Stats) Yes


PayPal Support Yes
Merchant Account Support Yes
Self-Signed SSL Yes
osCommerce Yes
Agora Cart Yes
ZenCart Yes
CubeCart Yes
Password Protected Directories Yes


100% satisfaction Guarantee Yes
99% Uptime Guarantee Yes
Support Response Time Guarantee Yes

Reseller FAQs

What is Reseller hosting?
Reseller hosting allows you to purchase disk space and bandwidth at wholesale costs so you can sell it to others. In a nutshell, it means you can set up your own reseller web hosting businesses without large startup costs on hardware.
Can I choose package limits and specs?
We simply give you a heap of resources, what you do with it and how you sell it is up to you! You decide everything on plans you sell; what’s included, their name, their cost and what resources they offer. This is your business, we are just a supplier.
Will I be managing my server?
Don’t sweat it, we do all server maintenance, update, and care is in our own data center. We allocate the resources from our servers to your account so you can create your own products.
How do you monitor your servers?
Our servers are located in a secure data center that’s patrolled by police and private security 24/7. Physical entry is protected by two factor authentication and biometric access controls as well as CCTV. Data centers have advanced fire detection systems with dry pipe pre-action fire suppression. All this helps to keep our servers safe and secure. Ever seen a spy movie? We’re pretty much the same.
What are my responsibilities?
You are responsible for creating products, marketing them, interacting with customers for everything, collecting payments and anything else that is required to help your business grow.
Do you host adult or warez websites?
We do not allow our resellers to host websites containing adult material or any content that violates copyright law.
Can I have trial of a reseller hosting account?
All reseller hosting plans include a 30 day money back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try out a reseller account in its entirety before committing long-term.
What happens if I exceed the diskspace and bandwidth in my plan?
Your control panel will automatically stop allowing new accounts when you have reached your full allocation of resources. This is a safe and secure way of ensuring everyone gets the resources they have paid for and are not charged for overuse of disk space or bandwidth. If you want to continue growing your businesses it is easy to purchase further resources within your reseller dashboard.

Reseller Plans & Pricing

Selling your own hosting packages is just a click away. With everything you need bundled, white-labeled and fully supported, the only decision left to make is predicting how fast your business will grow. Choose your reseller hosting plan now.

  • Basic

    $22. 46/month
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Plus

    $31. 46/month
  • 100GB Disk Space
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • Pro

    $44. 96/month
  • 150GB Disk Space
  • 1.5TB Bandwidth
  • Max

    $67. 46/month
  • 200GB Disk Space
  • 2TB Bandwidth
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