Super Bowl XLIX In Raw Data

Cody Erekson breaks down Super Bowl XLIX by the numbers. Read on for raw data that we can all sink our teeth into.
At Midphase, data is king. The sending and receiving of data literally makes our world go round. So it’s no surprise that we can take a seemingly not tech related event such as The Super Bowl and break it down into data that we can really wrap our brains around.
We love to take numbers for the processing, aggregation and comparison for no seemingly good reason other than our own entertainment. This is why we took as much data as we could find from the official team rosters of the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks so that we could stack it up, chop it down, mix it around, and then do it all over again.
Now I’m not saying that we are predicting any winners (that will be saved for a later post) but it’s easy to see that these numbers really say a thing or two about the game and the potential outcome we will see this weekend.
This is what we have found according to Cody:

  • If you stack up all Seattle Seahawk players, they would equal the height of 13 Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  • The New England Patriots on the other hand, are only as tall as 11.27 Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The Seahawks are as tall as 73.27 Shaquille O’ Neals, 1/3 the height of the Empire State Building, and the length of 1.73 football fields.
  • The Patriots are just under 63 Shaqs, 0.305 Empire State Buildings and 1.48 football fields… not quite one and a half.

Let’s talk about weight:

  • The Seahawks together weigh as much as 40 grand pianos, or 21 male polar bears.
  • The Patriots come in at a whopping 104 beer kegs, the equivalent of 88 1/2 Tom Cruises. (Just imagine the game that pitted all of those Tom Cruises against those polar bears!)
  • The combined mass of the two teams vying for the ‪Super Bowl‬ championship this year is the same as that of 3.19 African elephants. Or a massive troop of 2745 spider monkeys. How about the most adorable field of 5165 newborn infants?

But Cody, size isn’t everything! It’s about how well these players know the game! Let’s look at the combined number of years playing in the ‪NFL‬ that each team has accumulated.

  • Seahawks: 356. Patriots: 319. (Note: I am considering the current season as 1 year for each player).
  • Stretched out over a 356-year period, the International Space Station would have orbited the Earth 2,057,680 times, and Concorde could have made 891,622 flights between Paris and New York. More importantly, 155 generations of rhinos could have been born.
  • In the time that the Patriots were gaining their combined experience of 319 years, 38,838 generations of mosquitoes would have come and gone.

Oh, and you know how protein is important in an athlete’s diet?

  • You could soft boil 41,945,066 eggs. Or perhaps get a workout by running up the stairs of the Empire State Building in record time 16,584,540 times. But first we need to build it though, 284 times.

Let’s stop and get some perspective though.

  • The combined total experience playing in the NFL for both of these teams is 675 years. That is the same as 3.59 lifespans of the oldest known living tortoise.
  • Also consider the fact that it accounts for 7.053260202589E-8 of the life of the sun. Can you grasp how utterly tiny that number is? Yeah, me neither.

For more delicious football data check out this infographic at