5 Tips For Improving Your Ecommerce Website

Need some fresh ideas for your online business? Midphase has you covered.
Running an online business can be a struggle. If you are successful, there’s an endless list of things to do, and if not it can be hard to know what to improve. Luckily, there are many options for improving your ecommerce business. Below are a few helpful hints that we have found to increase interest and keep things running smoothly in your ecommerce operations:

  • Let images and videos help.

2016 will be a big year for visual content. Videos, images, infographics and the like are taking content strategies by storm. Now we aren’t saying you should give up your blog for good, but you should definitely take advantage of this latest trend.
Social media can help too. Be sure that you are making the most of your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Both are visual social media platforms and can lead buyers directly to your site. By keeping visual content in mind you can create an image of your brand on customers’ (and potential customers’) radars.

  • Partner with a great payment application.

When getting started with a payment provider, it can be hard to know who to choose. Many will default with PayPal, which is a great option but may not be as flexible as customers are used to on other websites. We recommend Stripe as a great alternative or addition to your ecommerce site.
Midphase offers both Stripe and PayPal as options within our Website Builder ecommerce packages. For more information on how you can create a professional and stylish ecommerce website with Midphase visit Midphase.com/website-builder.

  • Give yourself a break.

You know what they say about all work and no play, but in reality besides being dull you also face burning out. Pay attention to your body, mind and life for signs that you may be taking on too much. By scheduling yourself a 20-minute break to relax and sit quietly, you will be much more equipped to handle the rest of your day.
It can be hard to step away from important tasks, but realizing that you can’t do it all could save your business in the long run. If you are feeling particularly stressed it could be worth your while researching mindful meditation for tips on how to let go every once in a while.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Many small ecommerce website owners who get the majority of their traffic from Facebook or Twitter do not see the benefit of search engine optimization. In reality, SEO is a very important part of every website. By not paying attention to SEO you risk being penalized by search engines and even being listed on a blacklist.
To avoid any negative consequences we recommend running  our Website SEO Guru scan your website to check for any major or minor problems. Once scanned Midphase will make helpful recommendations to keep your website at the top of search engines results pages and off of blacklists.    

  • Stumped? Ask an expert.

Small business owners often feel that they have to face every problem alone, and that is not the case. An average homeowner doesn’t feel that they need to fix their roof on their own, so why would you feel like you have to do your own taxes? When you face a problem that you don’t have the answer to don’t be afraid to ask advice and hire an expert.
Midphase is the expert for all of your web hosting needs and our expert team of techs are available 24 hours a day to help you with any questions you may have about your web hosting, domains or website. Let us help you make your ecommerce business simple and successful.

For more information on the many Midphase services that can help make your life easier visit Midphase.com or contact our support staff at Midphase.com/support.