New gTLDs .news And .site Make It Big On Their First Day

First days are hard but these two new gTLDs knocked it right out of the park.
Congratulations to the newest web address endings .news and .site! On July 15th, the first day of general availability registrations (called “zone day”), each of the gTLDs registered over 9,000 new web addresses in one day…

  • .site finished the day with exactly 9,788 registrations.
  • .news finished the day with exactly 9,122 registrations.

Both gTLDs had over 1,000 pre-registration applications which boosted attention on zone day.
.news and .site are the latest in a string of releases of generic top level domains (gTLDs). These specific web address endings offer alternatives to the run-of-the-mill .com or .org domain names with new and exciting industry-specific web address endings tailored for every business, individual, niche and hobby. Some of our favorites include .club, .rocks and .link.
New gTLDs offer brands an alternative to .coms, which are becoming increasingly hard to find. Rather than restricting your brand name to available .com web addresses, entrepreneurs can register the domain of their dreams without the cost or limited availability.
Anyone can register most gTLDs. However, some are geographically exclusive, like .NYC and .London, which are specifically for residents of New York City and London. Web address endings such as .news, .club and .ninja are available to anyone who wants to create an awesome website with a great domain.
Creative web address endings like .blog or .email make great additions to readily established sites. By redirecting gTLDs to your website you can boost SEO and increase traffic to your sites while easily tracking each domain.
Other gTLDs released were .cafe and .express which ended the day at 1,727 and 916 registrations respectively. While these numbers are nothing to shake a stick at, it is clear who the winners in the first day race were. At the rate that gTLDs are flying off the shelves it is easy to see the opportunities that lie within generic terms like ‘news’ and ‘site’.
Many domains have been purchased but here are a few good ones that are still up for grabs:
Dig.Site (A premium domain that goes for $3125.00)
Unfortunately these clever domains have already been snapped up:
You can get your own awesome .news, .site, .cafe, or .express domain along with hundreds of others at Hurry before someone else thinks of it first!

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