.nyc For the Win!

As of November 3rd, the Top Level Domain .nyc has taken the lead over .london in total domain registrations. With over 48,000 domains registered, .nyc is taking it to the top!
8.4 million residents of New York City can’t be wrong. They all know that New York, New York is where it’s at. They also know how to get the web address that showcases their home and all the wonders it has to offer. The .nyc domain was made especially for those who brave the city that never sleeps.
The release of over 700 top-level domains in the last two years has created fierce competition to reach the top … but .NYC has doubled down and upped the ante in the world of domains.
Over 48,000 registrations so far have an Empire State of Mind, each with a personalised and memorable web address attached to the .nyc address ending.
According to ntldstats.com, .nyc is now number 8 on the list of new gTLD registrations with a total of 48,917 domains registered. This figure boosted .nyc’s status up, leaving .london (48,641) and .photography (47,486) in the dust. Although newly released, .nyc has shown that in the world of domains, this extension has what it takes to make it in the Big Apple.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows a great thing when he sees it. Reports state that he has stocked up on his own .nyc domains, all featuring the name Bloomberg. He recently purchased dozens of .nyc domains to add to his portfolio. As a native New Yorker, Bloomberg knows that this is a great way to protect your personal brand and make the most of a golden opportunity.
Whether it’s Summer in the City or Autumn in New York, New Yorkers now have extra cause to celebrate. With limited registration and huge turnouts, .nyc was still able to beat gTLDs with open registrations such as .email and .company. It is apparent that .nyc is here to stay.
The .nyc domain is reserved for individuals, organisations and businesses who have a physical address within New York City. Geographic domains are great for businesses with multiple (or international) offices as well as individuals looking to promote the place they call home.
New York residents from anywhere within the five boroughs have the chance to let it be known that they are claiming their own specialised space on the World Wide Web. The .nyc domain gives all New Yorkers a place to call their own. Come on New Yorkers! No Sleep Till… you’re number 1!

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