Email Problems Explained

Having trouble sending or receiving emails? Here are a few of the most common causes of complications…
If you are having problems sending or receiving email, you may feel like pulling your hair out. But before you do, let us explain some of the common reasons why emails go wrong. In most cases, you can solve the problem yourself in a few easy steps…
The number one reason for why you might not be able to send or recieve emails is because your account may have beenblacklisted due to the sending of spam. Accounts can be blacklisted for a variety of reasons and sending spam can happen without you even being aware of it. For example, someone may be using your email address to spoof, or send emails using your address as the ‘reply to’.  Alternatively, you may be using an open relay to forward your messages to another email account. Forwarding spam to another one of your own accounts is considered spamming. To get around this problem, you could consider fetching your emails rather than forwarding them.
If you suspect that you have been blacklisted or have received a message stating so, please forward the message to the Midphase support team and they can help you be removed from the blacklist to restore your capabilities.
Improper Settings
If you are attempting to use a new email account and are unable to send or receive emails you most likely have a problem within your client settings. You can find the correct settings for your email addresses in your cPanel, via the following route.
cPanel > Mail Accounts > More button > Configure Email Client
Information about the correct settings for your account can be found in this blog.
Out of Date Browsers
It’s a good practice to be sure that all web browsers used to access your email are always updated with the current versions.Some applications are not made to be used with outdated browser versions.
If this post hasn’t covered your specific problem or if you’re still ready to pull out your hair, please don’t quite yet. Just click the following link to get in contact with a MidPhase specialist who can get you up and running in no timeMidPhase Support.