5 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

When you’re running your own business, you can sometimes do with a pep talk. Here are five of the best, as picked by Midphase, supporters of US start-ups and small businesses…
Embarking on the journey toward creating your own business and brand comes with a lot of uncertainties. You’ll receive lots of advice as well as cautionary warnings from others who have either sought to launch a business themselves or who have steered clear of the idea for various reasons. For the most part, the most valuable lessons you’ll learn will come from your own experience but it’s nice to have solid guidance along the way where you can find it. There are many books out there for entrepreneurs who crave success but let’s take a look at just five of the best…
Choose Yourself, by James Altucher
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This book addresses one of the most important aspects of success not only in building a business, but in life in general. It’s about taking full responsibility for your life in every regard. There are always excuses to be found; fear hounds everyone, failures occur to the best of us, but the author of this book pushes the reader to really acknowledge that succeeding means relying on no one but yourself to take charge and make things happen, even when circumstances are less than favorable.
Mastery, by Robert Greene
You’ve probably heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” dozens of times in life, whether it’s in collegbusiness book 2e or in a new position at a high-paying job that you feel inadequate performing. The author of this book addresses this notion and suggests that instead of faking it, those who are serious about their chosen path should take the time and effort to hone their skills and become a true expert. He also writes about the misconception that many people hold that those who succeed in life are mostly just products of luck or superior situations in life instead of being committed individuals of every walk of life who choose to consistently push themselves toward their goals. 

The Richest Man In Babylon, by George S. Clason
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One of the biggest factors driving entrepreneurs is the money they are making or the money they can make. But what about the money you save in the process? This book discusses the importance of saving money along the way and how doing so can promote long lasting success for your business goals.
The Strategy Paradox, by Michael Raynor
The author of this book gives lots of thoughts and examples on how a good majority of businesses are managed far too conservatively and how most business owners are too fearful to take legitimate risks in business. He argues that the most effective strategy is often the one that is also the riskiest even though many people believe that playing it safe is usually the best bet. Many entrepreneurs can appreciate his take on running a business since taking risks is something most of them have in common.

Business book 4Great Work, by David Sturt

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The great thing about this book is that every statement it makes it backed up by years of qualitative research. The book’s author has interviewed a league of entrepreneurs and workers who have gone beyond their job description and achieved something ground-breaking with their work. Full of case studies, the book lays out the principles involved in becoming even better than you thought you could be.