2015 In Review: Midphase Services

Over the past year we’ve expanded our services offering…
2016 is just round the corner, and for Midphase it’s time to reflect on what we’ve achieved this year. You might have seen our recent blog post on the most popular installments of the Midphase blog from 2015: from business branding tips to domain name advice, we’ve been providing our readership with everything they need to know to get their businesses online and see it perform well with site visitors!
But alongside our blogging prowess we have expanded our services substantially this year, and that’s something we’re really proud of. We know there’s more to online business than a domain name and a powerful web hosting solution, and so we’ve aimed to provide all the tools needed to make your business website a hit with your customers.
So here’s what we brought you this year:
Website SEO Guru
It’s no mean feat keeping the search engines happy, but it’s vital that you do if you want to keep traffic coming to your website. Social media shares only reach a restricted audience, and with millions of searches every day around the world your business can’t afford not to optimize your website to perform well in the rankings.
Our new SEO Guru tool will scan your site completely free, giving you an idea of how well your optimization efforts are working. If you need a boost the tool provides simple step-by-step guides on how to improve your ranking, and performs regular scans to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.
You can take your free SEO report here.
We partnered up with CloudFlare this year to supercharge your websites, ensuring they’re speedy and totally secure. Unfortunately your data is at constant risk from hackers, spammers and other malicious forces, but CloudFlare will tackle all of these and block up to 90% of harmful traffic, giving you much-needed peace of mind.
In addition to security, CloudFlare will speed up your site substantially with their content distribution network (CDN). Your important data will be stored at various locations around the globe, and served to your site visitors from the location closest to them, cutting down data transfer speeds and making sure your visitors receive your website data in no time.
CloudFlare is completely free to all web hosting customers. Power up your site now here!
Premium WordPress Hosting
As the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress underpins no fewer than 60 million websites worldwide. We’ve been hosting WordPress websites for over a decade, so we know what it takes to run one smoothly. For this reason we released our Premium WordPress Hosting packages, which have been designed and optimized specifically for WordPress websites.
With WordPress hosting your site, data will be housed in an isolated WordPress-exclusive environment which has been built from the ground up with WordPress in mind. You’ll get access to 50 premium templates and a wealth of WordPress tutorials as compiled by our hosting experts, all completely free of charge!
Take a look at our Premium WordPress Hosting packages right here.
New and improved Website Builder
Our Website Builder tool is handy for businesses who want a fully functional website with great aesthetic without taking up too much of your valuable time. Equipped with 200 stunning templates and seamless e-commerce capabilities, Website Builder is great for everyone from casual bloggers to established online retailers.
Due to the unprecedented and rapid rise in smartphone use, all websites should now be mobile-ready. Google even penalizes sites now which aren’t optimized for mobile use, so it should be top of your website checklist. With Website Builder your website will automatically be fully optimized for site visitors whether they choose to surf the net on their phone, tablet or desktop.
Take a look around Website Builder and find out more here.
It’s certainly been a busy 2015 here at Midphase! We’re committed to providing the ultimate in online services, and will continue to drive ahead as our digital activities become ever smarter. What lies ahead in 2016? Watch this space…
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