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Login to your account at

Once logged in, you will see an icon at the top called ‘My Blogs’. Once this is selected, it will list all of the blogs  you currently have on

Select the ‘Blog Admin’ button underneath the title of your blog

Next, you will go to the Tools button on the left and select it.


After selecting Tools, you will then see a button called Export. Select this button.

The next screen that will show up will give you two options. Select the first option which is called ‘Export’. This will create an XML document for you and is free of charge.


After selecting the option above, a new screen will show up asking you to choose what to Export. In most cases, you will want to choose ‘All Content’ unless you specifically know that you don’t want to export everything.  Then select the button called ‘Download Export File’.

Once this option is selected, your browser will download a file from It is important that you know where this file has been downloaded to. Most default settings download this file to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer’s hard drive.

This is all that needs to be done from Everything else with getting this installation over to your server will be done through your cPanel here with us.

After you have installed Wordpress on your account (Make the install Wordpress a separate article), go into your installation’s dashboard by logging in to your Wordpress blog.

Within your Dashboard, select the Tools button just like before. However, instead of exporting this time, you will be importing.

After you choose ‘Import’, you will want to select the ‘Wordpress’ option from the list.


Once this is selected, a screen will show up asking you to install an Importer that will help you through the process of importing your XML file. Simply select the ‘Install Now’ button


Once you do that, select the Import button under the Tools menu from your dashboard again. Then select the Wordpress option just like before. Now you will have an option to choose a file to upload. Select the ‘Choose File’ button and browse to where your XML file from earlier is stored on your computer.


Once you have selected your XML file, click the Upload file and import.

In the next phase, Wordpress will ask if you want to import the default author of your Wordpress blog, or if you want to create a new user here on the server. In most cases you will just select the Submit file without doing anything on this screen.

Your Wordpress blog has now been successfully added on your hosting plan! Happy blogging!