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This article is designed to help you set up the Mozilla Thunderbird email client to manage any email address created within CHI.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. From the Tools menu, choose the ‘Account Settings’ option.

  3. Select ‘Account Actions’, then ‘Add Mail Account’.

  4. Click on the ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’ button to continue creating your account.

  5. Enter your name in the field provided to appear in the ‘From’ section when sending email.

  6. In the Email address field, enter your full email address in all lowercase (for example: In the password field, enter the email account's password. Check ‘Remember Password’ to skip entering your password each time you connect to your email account.

  7. Click ‘Continue’.

  8. Select IMAP as the type of Incoming Server if you plan to sync email between your devices. POP3 should be used if you would like to download all emails from the email server to your computer and not have access to them using WebMail, your Mobile Device or Table, or outside of ThunderBird. 

  9. In the Incoming Server field, your domain should be entered automatically. Please change this domain name to

  10. If you run into a "Configuration could not be verified..." error message, you will need to select "Manual config" to fix any errors that have occurred.

  11. If you need to use the Manual Config area, type into the hostname lines for both incoming and outgoing. The default POP incoming port is 110 and the default IMAP incoming port is 143.

  12. The outgoing port by default will be 25 (not recommended). We suggest that you send email out on port 587 or 8025.

  13. The username setting will be your email address in all lowercase.

  14. Do NOT enable SSL/TLS for either server, but leave the ‘Authentication on Normal Password’ for both.

  15. Click on the ‘Re-test’ button to check whether you are able to successfully connect and create your account.

If you have any trouble with setting up Mozilla Thunderbird, our support team is available to assist you 24/7/365.