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This knowledgebase article will help you set up your Midphase email accounts in the Mail app on your Mac.

1) In the top menu of Mail, select ‘Mail’, then ‘Preferences’

2) Select the ‘Accounts’ tab at the top of the window

3) Click the ‘+’ symbol in the bottom left

4) An ‘Add Account’ window will then open

 a) Add in your Full Name (this will be the display name when you send an email)

 b) Fill in your new Midphase email address

 c) Add in the password for your email address

 d) Click ‘Continue’

5) An ‘Incoming Mail Server’ window will now be open.

 a) Select "POP" as the ‘Account Type’ if you do not know for sure that IMAP is enabled

 b) The ‘Description’ will be what you identify this server as in Mac Mail

 c) Incoming server is:

 d) Username is your full email address

 e) ‘Password’ is your email password

 f) Click ‘Continue’

6) An ‘Incoming Mail Security’ window will now open

 a) ‘Authentication’ should be left as ‘Password’.

 b) Click ‘Continue’

7) An ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ window will now open.

 a) The ‘Description’ will be what you identify this server as in Mac Mail

 b) Outgoing Mail Server is

 c) Select ‘Use Authentication’

 d) ‘Username’ is your full email address

 e) ‘Password’ is your email password

 f) Click ‘Continue’

 g) If a window pops up saying "Mail cannot send your password securely to the server." click ‘Continue’

8) Click ‘Create’ on the account summary screen.

9) Make sure your new account is selected on the left.

10) Click the 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):' dropdown box

 a) Select 'Edit SMTP Server List'

 b) At the top of this window select the '' outgoing server.

 c) In the bottom of this window click the 'Advanced' tab

 d) Select the 'Use custom port' radio button and enter 465 in the box

 e) Check the 'Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL)' check box

 f) Make sure the 'Authentication' dropdown is set to 'Password'

 g) ‘Username’ should be your email address and ‘Password’ is your email password

 h) Click 'OK' and close the windows to get back to Mac mail.

To prevent your email box from becoming too full on our server, we recommend performing the following steps. This will ensure that emails are removed from the server after they have been downloaded to your Mac.

1) Open Mac Mail

2) Click on ‘Mail’ in the top left of Mac Mail

3) Click ‘Preferences’

4) Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab in the new window that opens, then double click your Midphase email account

5) Click ‘Advanced’ on the right hand side

6) In top section of the page, check the box to the left of ‘Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:’

7) Select the time period in the dropdown box for the amount of time you would like to keep a copy on the server

8) Close the settings to complete the task.

If you require further assistance, please contact us.

 Clients who login to can submit a ticket through the Support section of your CHI account.