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To setup Your Mail Client on a Mac using CHI Mail system.

1.) Select ‘Preferences’ under the Mail tab in the top left.


2.) Click the + sign in the bottom left to add an account.

3.) Select ‘Other Mail Account…’ from the list of options.

4.) Enter your full email address and password.

If you do not remember your password you can update it by going to:

a.) Sign in to

b.) Navigate to Domains.

c.) Select your domain name.

d.) Then under the email section you can update your password.

5.) When clicking ‘Sign In’ it may have you verify your server information.

If this comes up please fill in all the fields.

User Name: Your Email Address (All Lowercase)

Password: Your Email Account Password

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

If you are having issues connecting your email account please contact our Technical Support team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.