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 To push one or of your domain(s) service(s) to another account, first, log in to your CHI account. (

From within your CHI account, select the account icon located towards the top right of your browser and click on My Account.

This will take you to the account overview of the domains and services. There, you can then select the domain(s) and service(s) you are looking to push to another account. The “Actions” button will then darken, allowing you to select the “Push To Another Account” option.

This will bring up a pop-up within CHI requesting for you to enter the username of the account you are looking to Push the domain(s) service(s) to. Please be sure to enter the username of the receiving account exactly.

The owner of the account that the domain(s) service(s) are being pushed over to will then need to approve the push action from within their CHI account. They will see the option within the home screen of their account towards the top of the browser window. The domain(s) service(s) will not be pushed to the other account until the owner of the account approves the action.

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