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To push one (or more) service(s) to a new account within CHI, first, log in to your CHI account. (

In your CHI account, select the “Account” icon near the top right of your browser and click on My Account.

This will bring up a list of all your current account services. To move one or more service to a new account, select the service(s) you want placed within the new account by checking the box next to the service(s). Then click on the Action button near the top of the page, and select the “Push To New Account option.

You will be prompted to create the new acount by enterring a  username and password.


Once you click on “Next” you will be directed to enter the Customer Account details.


After providing the details for the new account you can click on the “Create” button. The new account will then be created, and the services will be listed within the newly created account.

You can now log in to the newly created account to access and approve any services that have been pushed to the new account.

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