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This article contains information about how to add a DNS record.

Step One: Navigate To The DNS section of CHI

  1. Log in to your CHI account at

      2. Click on the Domains Tab off to the left

     3.  Select the domain you wish to edit the DNS for on the left

      4.   Click on the DNS tab towards the top of the Page

Step Two: Configure Advanced Options

1.    If you wish to edit advanced records click show advanced options to expand the page to look something like this:


Troubleshoot Common Errors

The most commonly edited DNS settings are A, CNAME, and MX records.

Examples of how to set up these records are below:

  • Note Replace with your domain name 

A Record: Points your domain name to a hosting server.


Points To: IP Address

TTL: 86400 (1 Day)

CNAME Record: Connects the www or subdomain to your domain name.

Host: or

Points To:

TTL: 86400 (1 Day)

MX Record: Connects your domain to a mail server.

Priority: 0 (A record with a priority of 0 will be checked first, then higher priorities)


Goes To:

TTL: 14400 (4 Hours)