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What Should I Use For My Nameserver

This article contains information about what you should use for your name servers.

If you are a Midphase client with CHI (, please use the following name servers:

If you are a Midphase shared hosting customer with cPanel and you login at for billing, please use the following nameservers:


While there are other dns servers that may work we suggest these nameservers for consistency.

If you on an reseller account or using WHM, please use the following nameservers:


You may also create your own custom nameservers if you are a reseller

If you are a Midphase Windows shared hosting customer with Plesk

Name Server:
Name Server:
(09 indicates its on win09 server)

If you are a Midphase Windows Shared hosting customer with Helm
Name Server:
Name Server:

If you need further help please contact tech support and ask them for the proper nameservers, or check your welcome email.

You can also always check your emails from Midphase regarding your nameservers. During the signup process, you should have received an email with your DNS information and which nameservers to use.

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