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Yes, you need to have a dedicated/static IP for using your own SSL; secondly, SSL's are used when people need to carry out online transaction from their own site. A static IP allows information to be passed securely using https between the server and user's computers.

You can create a CSR and key through CPanel. You can also create a self signed SSL using that CSR and key, but support will need to install that SSL before it will work. If you are using a self-signed SSL, then most browsers will warn the person that it is self signed. You can also purchase SSL's from Midphase. Reseller accounts come with 1 or more SSL's and the business package also comes with a SSL. To set up an SSL you will need to send an email to with your request to get the process started.

There are a couple important things to note with SSLs:

1.They are only good for one year so they will need to be re-created each year. If your SSL is going to expire in a week or two, you should contact support to make sure it gets renewed.

2.The SSL will only work with the exact domain/subdomain for which you set it up. is different than or If you get your SSL set up for and try to access https with, it will give you a warning that the SSL is not set up for that sub-domain.

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