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What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Taken

Currently, there are over 125 million registered domains on the internet all around the world, so it’s possible that somebody has already registered the domain that you are looking allows you to check the availability of your desired domain while also providing suggestions if your preferred domain has been registered by someone else.

How to find out if your domain name is available

 Type your desired domain name into the search bar at

Our software will search through all available domain names for the web address you have requested. If the domain you want is taken, you will receive the following message:

What can you do if your desired domain is taken?

If you are presented with the message seen above there are a few options for you to move forward in registering a domain:

Option 1: Register a gTLD (.co, .biz,.org, .guru, etc.):

You may try registering your domain under another extension, or gTLD, to keep the domain similar to the original domain you were looking for. UK2 will automatically display a list of available domain names with alternate web address endings.

While .com domains are the most widely used extension, other domains like .blog and .tech  are also gaining popularity. gTLDs are very searchable and rank well with search engine results pages. This is typically the best option for maintaining your brand name without spending a lot of money.

You may want to consider registering multiple domains to protect your brand and prevent others from registering domains similar to yours. To do so, simply click the “SELECT” button to add multiple domains to your cart before continuing to the checkout instructions.  

Option 2: Change your desired domain name

Another option for finding the perfect domain is altering your original domain name. If your website is based in a specific location, you may want to make a slight change to refer to your geographic location. For example: instead of “, you may try You can also add industry terms like ‘photography’ or ‘plumbing’ when applicable.

You may also try altering the spelling of your domain; however, be aware that this may make your website hard to reach. Avoid using hyphens or other special characters as they are not typically found in URLs.

Option 3: Purchase the Domain

You can view information about the owner of the website by clicking on the “Taken” button next to the domain. This will provide you with some information about the registered owner of the domain.

You can contact the owner or contract a third-party domain broker to obtain the domain. Domain brokering is a multi-million dollar industry, so take note that domain price tags can get pretty high. UK2 does not offer any domain brokering services.

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