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Overview of Webmail

 (1) Application Tasks

The webmail application from Midphase provides our clients with a selection of main tasks including Email, Address Book and Settings. Use this list to quickly switch from one task to another and back again. Each time you do your page will reload with a specific view for the selected task. Rather than of switching back and forth, task screens can be opened in individual browser windows or tabs if you should choose to do so. Right-click on a task icon within the menu and then choose ‘Open Link in New Tab/Window’ from the browser menu.

(2) Toolbar

The main toolbar is located directly above your content area and allows you to perform varying actions based on what is being shown or selected in the content part of your window. If you notice that buttons are greyed out it indicates that the corresponding action is not available for that selection. If a toolbar icon displays a small arrow on its right side, clicking that arrow will reveal variations of the icon action. ‘More’ buttons also provide users will additional actions when available.

(3) List Operations

The icons displayed in the footer area provide actions that can influence the list above or any currently selected element. The gear icon opens a ‘Settings’ menu with additional actions.

(4) Search Box

A search box is located in the upper right corner above the main content area if the currently selected task allows searching for specific data within your information. Enter any search term and press <Enter> on the keyboard to begin your search. Click the clear icon on the right side of the search box to reset your search.

Resizing Content Boxes

Boxes filling the main content area of the screen can be resized depending on the area you would like to view. Use the resize handle splitter between any two boxes and drag it with the mouse until you reach the desired size.

Terminating Your Session

Once you are finished working with the webmail application, it is important to properly terminate your current session by clicking the Logout icon in the menu at the top of your screen(1). This will log you out of your session and make sure that no other person accessing your computer can access your emails. Closing the browser window will not logout of your webmail interface.

Webmail allows you to check your email from anywhere using your favorite browser.

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