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How To Create An Email Account

Creating an Email Account inside your CHI account

This article will assist in creating email accounts on a domain registered with and for clients who have purchased shared web hosting through their account.  

  1. Log into your CHI account at .

  2. Click on the icon shaped like a globe for “Domains” on the left side of your screen.


  3. Click on the domain you are looking to create an email address for.

  4. Click the tab titled “Email”.

  5. Click the “Add A New Email” button.

  6. Enter the specific email you want under “Account Name” (for example, if you want

  7. Enter email password, and confirm by entering the password one more time.

  8. Click on the “Save” button to create your email account.

You now have your first email account created on your domain. This email will now be displayed inside of the Email section in your CHI account. You may “Delete” or “Edit” this mailbox password.  If you have questions on this process please feel free to come into Live Chat or submit a ticket from the Support section in your CHI account. If you do choose to contact us via Live Chat please ensure you have your account verification ready so we may assist you.

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