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How To Navigate The Payments & Billing Section

After logging into CHI, you will find a page for your account. You can access this page by clicking on the icon of a silhouette as seen below.

From your accounts page, you can view different information about your various services. There is a tab at the top of the page titled ‘Payments and Billing’. This tab displays information about the billing for your account services. There are 3 sections: ‘Credits/Bonus Credit’, ‘Payment Methods’, and ‘Account Statement’. You can find details about these sections below:

Credit/Bonus Credit

This tab includes two sections. ‘Credit’ displays the money that you have pre-paid to use as a credit for your account, and  ‘Bonus Credit’ shows the credit that we have given to you for various reasons.

Payment Methods

This section shows the methods of payment you have on file. If you need to add a credit card you may do so here by selecting the blue ‘Add Credit Card’ button. We advise having a credit card on file so that we can use it as a method of verification. It is also good to check this section often to make sure that your saved card is up to date. If your card expires and your payment is not processed, your services will not be renewed and will be suspended.

Account Statement

In this section, you will find the various services on your account along with the payment history for these services. You can adjust the dates of the summary with the boxes seen below.

You can also generate a statement based off of a specific order number with this box.

If you have questions about the payments and billing portion of your CHI account, please feel free to contact our support staff at any time via chat or by submitting a ticket through your CHI account.

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