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How To Add Email To An Addon Domain

Using an Addon domain with your shared hosting account requires that you configure the DNS of your domain to point to Midphase Servers. After you configure your DNS, you can add an email address or carry out a variety of other tasks.

Step 1: Add An Addon Domain To Your Shared Hosting Account

  1. Click on the “Shared Hosting” tab.

      2. Click the domain for which you want to add an addon domain.

      3. Click the “Addon Domain” tab.

      4. Click “Create New Addon Domain”

     5. Enter the following information in the boxes provided:

  1. New Domain: The full name of the addon domain you would like to create.

  2. Directory information: The directory where you want to store the data for your addon domain.

  3. FTP username and password.

the main domain on your account has the files stored in public_html. It is suggested to place the files for your addon domain in folder named after the addondomain and not in public_html/addondomain to keep your add on domain files separate from your main domain. This will then create a folder in the home directory of your account where you will find folders like public_html and others.


After you create the addon domain, it will appear as a new domain under the “Domain” tab.

Step 2: Configure the DNS Of The Addon Domain To Point To MIdphase Servers.

After creating your addon domain in the shared hosting tab, you must configure your domain’s nameservers to point to [Midphase] servers. If you do not configure the domain, you will get the following error:


    1. To resolve this issue, point your nameservers to Midphase servers.

Contact your registrar and ask them to point to the following nameservers:

Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:

Nameserver 3:

     2.  You can also purchase the domain by clicking “Buy Domain Names” in the error message.

 If you do not know who your registrar is, you can look up the domain in the search bar on the CHI home tab, and click the “WHOIS” button next to the domain name. The current nameserver information will also be displayed.

Any new domain names purchased through Midphase will be set up automatically, so there is no need to change the nameservers.

Step 3: Create An Email Address For Your Addon Domain

After your nameservers are configured or you have purchased your domain, you can add email to your addon domain.

  1. Navigate to the “Domain” tab.

      2.  Select the addon domain for which you want to create an email address.

      3. Click the “Email” tab.


     4.  Use this email page to add or purchase more email addresses.


Note: Your addon domain will not include email accounts unless you purchase them.

If you have concerns about this process or others please contact the Midphase support team by opening a chat, submitting a ticket within your CHI account, or calling the support number.

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