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How Does Spamalizer Work

Spamalizer is an anti-spam program that filters spam sent to your inbox.

What Is Point System Spam:
Spam works on a Point System, for instance a person sends out 5,000 emails with the same subject, and content this email would receive a high Spam Point by whatever spam blocking agent is located on the mail server. If the same guy sends out one message at a time changing each message in a different way than these emails would be assigned a low Spam Point and most likely get through. Now if this message was sent to multiple accounts on the same mail server it would generate a higher Spam Point and most likely be blocked as Spam.

Spam Filter Program Example:
Here is how a typical Spam filter program works:
It scans every email and assigns some grade to it. An email can get from 0 to 10 points.  Emails assigned 0 - 3.5 points are being delivered to your mailboxes without any changes, they are not spam.
Emails got up to 6 points are marked as Spam and being delivered into your mailbox as well.  Emails got up to 7 points are moved to a quarantine mailbox and it sends a notification to you with a link to the blocked message.  And emails got more than 7 points are definitely spam and they are deleted
automatically.  7 points is a very high value, we tested the system on many thousands emails
and it didn’t delete any non-spam message.

Spamalizer Example
With Spamalizer added to your account, all emails go through our Barracuda Spam Firewall first. Then the messages go through the standard spam filter on our server. The Barracuda Spam Firewall protects your email server with twelve defense layers, these layers are defined for you here.

•    Network Denial of Service Protection
•    Rate Control
•    IP Reputation Analysis
•    Sender Authentication
•    Recipient Verification
•    Virus Scanning
•    Policy
•    Spam Fingerprint Check
•    Intent Analysis
•    Image Analysis
•    Bayesian Analysis
•    Rule-based Scoring

Spamalizer scans every email and assigns a grade to it.
Emails that get up to 6 points are rejected by Spamalizer.
Emails that are identified by third parties as being blacklisted are rejected, emails that are relayed or “spoofed” may also be rejected.

The Spamalizer service can be added to your hosting account at

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