Want To Learn To Code?

Learning programming languages is a valuable skill, but where do you start? Use this infographic to help you select the perfect starting point for your project.
You don’t have to plan a career in programming to want to learn a coding language. The skills learned can apply to most areas of your professional and personal life. Coding languages can teach valuable lessons like problem solving and critical thinking, not to mention the benefits you will be able to see as a webmaster.
Knowing where to start can be hard. Most students usually start with the basics like CSS and HTML, but if you have a different path in mind, we say go for it! Below is a helpful infographic to help coders-to-be learn the differences and specifics of the various coding languages used.
Note: You also might want to take a look at SWIFT, a programming language created by Apple that recently became open source for all users.
If you do decide to make programming your career, be sure that you check out the bottom section of this infographic that outlines professional statistics for coders across the country. By adding another language to your portfolio you can increase your hireability as well as significantly increase your income.
Once you have decided on a programming pathway, visit helpful websites like W3Schools, Khan Academy, and Code.org for helpful tutorials and lesson plans. As you progress you will probably notice that the basic structure for many programming languages is essentially the same, but as they say – the devil lives in the details. With a little studying and research you can be on your way and before you know it you will be hard coding your projects like a programming wizard. Good luck!
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