Twitter Stats – Is Twitter Just For Geeks?

If you move in tech circles or read a lot of blogs you?d be forgiven for thinking that everyone in the modern world now uses Twitter, and if they don?t, then they?re not really a part of the Internet.
Stats published earlier this year show that Twitter has grown a phenomenal 1,384% between Feb 08 and Feb 09. But, is this a fair reflection of the Internet population, or is Twitter the reserve of nerds and geeks?

We asked our customers
In August we conducted a huge web hosting survey and asked 3,000 of our customers about their online habits and reasons behind running their website; we also asked them which social networks they use.
All of our customers run a website, so they arguably fit into thegeek? category (this is a compliment). By comparing the data with demographic data courtesy of, we can see how you guys compare with the rest of the population.
The stats show that our customers (the geeks) are more engaged in social networks than the general population and are quicker to adopt new social networks. With 48.3% of you using twitter – well over double that of any other category.
By contrast, the usage of Myspace by hosting customers is surprisingly low, possibly suggesting that geeks are quicker to move on and drop outdated social networks.
Unsurprisingly, given many of you are involved in online business and ecommerce, many more of you use LinkedIn than the general population.
Disclaimer: I am a geek & I quite like twitter.
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