Hosting Survey Results

Earlier in the month we sent out a web hosting survey to our customers, hoping to find out a little bit more about how people use their hosting, and how small to medium sized business fit into the bigger picture known as The Internet. A lot of research has been published about the performance of bigger, publicly listed online businesses such as Amazon or Ebay, but its really difficult to find anything on smaller online businesses. I think this is pretty surprising considering the contribution that smaller start-ups and business make to both the Internet and the American economy. Over 3000 of you responded and we were really blown away by the results, so thanks to everyone that took part and I’m pleased to share with you our results below:
We Asked: What is your primary reason for having a web presence? You Answered:

We Asked: Is this your first e-commerce or business website? You Answered:

We Asked: How many years have you had this business? You Answered:

We Asked: Did you establish your website to supplement your income? You Answered:

We Asked: What percentage of your income do you forecast will come as a result of having this website over the next 12 months? You Answered:

We Asked: Has the economic downturn affected your business? You Answered:

We Asked: What percentage have your revenues dropped this year versus last? You Answered: rev-drop

We Asked: What are some challenges you’ve faced in setting up your online business? You Answered:

We Asked: What do you expect from your hosting company in terms of enabling your business? You Answered:
We Asked: Are the products and services offered by MidPhase important to the success of your business? You Answered:

We Asked: What kind of growth do you anticipate for your business over the next 12 months? You Answered:
Once again thanks to everyone who took part in the survey, we’ll post the winner of the Dell MiniBook at the end of the month in the blog – so watch this space! tom 🙂