Happy New Year! What to Expect in 2015:

A New Year always brings new opportunities and products. Take a look at what we think could be the ‘next big thing’ in technology for 2015.
In 2014 we saw major developments in the technological industry such as 3D printing, Oculus Rift, plus  countless mobile phone advancements. After such an exciting year, we can be certain that 2015 will be even more exciting and innovative.
With each of these development comes an accompanying trend. In 2014 we saw major developments in connectivity and social media trends. Big data and going ‘green’ were big contenders and the top focus could easily be seen as security concerns; with each new month came new threats from hackers and personal information thieves.
Here are the products, technologies and trends that could make a big splash in the New Year:
Targeted Advertisingshutterstock_237198025
Social media and mobile technologies have allowed companies to get personal with consumers. This is a trend that we are guaranteed to see a huge increase in from the store to the internet, and possibly even in our own homes.
Multi-Device Keyboards
Imagine having one keyboard to rule them all. Well your dreams will come true in 2015 as it is rumored that quite a few companies have keyboards in the works that can easily transfer from mobile to tablet with one single snap motion.
Zero Latency

With the never-ending pressure to be the best in the business, zero latency is something we could start seeing in this coming year. Zero latency is when data transmission occurs with no time being lost in the exchange of information. I’m not going to make any promises, but it really could happen. If not we will at least witness the technological world getting pretty close.
Portable Speakersshutterstock_221505400
Waterproof speakers, ultra low electricity consuming speakers, even some the size of a credit card: Bluetooth technology has never sounded sweeter than in the year 2015. This isn’t so much a premonition as a certainty. We are getting some awesome speakers this year for sure.
Smart Cities
This is a development we can all be happy about. Smarter cities equate to enhanced performance and well being for residents while exploring effective digital ideas for transportation, energy, water consumption and waste removal. 2014 brought major developments to New York, London and other major metropolises but we can expect these ideas to spread to smaller cities in the coming year.
Keychain Projectors
Presentations have never been so awesome. Super connectable with unbelievable pictures, a keychain projector allows you to comfortably view and share videos and images. Personally, I can’t wait to get mine.
It’s not uncommon to see a bag containing a laptop, tablet and phone, but 2015 will come with a stronger emergence of wearables allowing the average user to morph into hyperconnectivity. Whether this will be a good or bad development remains to be seen, but I’m sure it will be discussed all across the wires in the coming year.
Apple iWatch
You can’t talk about 2015 without mentioning the Apple iWatch. We’ve been waiting on tenterhooks to see the latest and greatest that Tim Cook has to offer at the next Apple reveal. They will have a tough time outshining the 2014 reveal of the iPhone 6 but we have faith that Apple 2015 will be everything we’ve waited for.
Increasing Transparency
We have all learned one thing in 2014 – what companies do with our personal information should not be a secret. With significant hacks and security breaches in this past year we are certain to see major developments in security and transparency in the year to come.
Health and Wellbeing
Being healthy is definitely in, and business is beginning to address our concerns in this emerging trend, creating a buyer’s market full of gizmos and gadgets to put our health first. There have even been rumors that being fit will overtake being green as the latest and greatest trend to follow, but we will have to wait and see.
New WiFi Standards
According to reports from the media, Samsung announced in October that they have plans to increase our WiFi speeds by up to five times than those we experience now. From the current 866 Mbps we can expect to have up to 4.6 gigabytes per second as soon as 2015. I don’t think we will hear many complaints about that.
Female Focusshutterstock_201553325
2014 brought murmurs of the emergence of a female focus and equality in business – well maybe not only murmurs. ‘Time’ magazine actually offered ‘feminist’ up as an option for one of the most hated words of 2014 (and later apologized). Whether you identify yourself as a feminist or not, we are sure to see more female focus in the year to come.
Google Glass
Attitudes toward Google Glass have bounced from positive to negative throughout 2014. For 2015 the Google Glass excitement is building up again with the announcement of a new and improved version as well as competitive versions emerging from Sony and other mega corporations.
Rumors and news stories will not confirm our suspicions – we will just have to wait and see what 2015 has to offer to be certain. However, one thing is for sure –  it’s going to be exciting!

As 2014 exits and 2015 enters, Midphase would like to wish you a very happy New Year. Stay tuned to Midphase.com to see New Year specials from the best in web hosting!