Top 5 Money Making Blogs In The World

Content may be king, but for these 5 blogs it is cold hard cash.
Blogging began in the mid-nineties as a way of speaking to the world, and almost overnight blogging became the next big thing in online information. With the help of websites like LiveJournal, Open Diary and, individuals were able to create and share their thoughts and know-how with other webizens.
In the same way that a “web log” became “we blog”, the world was hooked. Before long anyone with a computer had generated a list of websites for their preferred source of entertainment and information. Since then, many have found fame from these seemingly small resources. All that is needed for blog success is a domain, a web host and content.
Fast forward to present day, where over 33.9 million blogs are created every month. The competition is fierce in the blogosphere, but there are a few that have perfected the art of online content.
Below are the top five money-making blogs in the world and the lessons we can learn from each of them:
#1. Arianna Huffington, $2.5 million per month
If you have yet to stumble across this mega-blog, you may need to get out (or stay in!) more. What started out as a small site has grown to become something both hated and loved around the globe. Huffington Post began in 2005, was later bought by AOL and is the first digital media enterprise in the US to win a Pulitzer Prize.
What we can learn: The sky’s the limit when you are serious about producing content. Your humble blog has no limits, so don’t sell yourself short.
#2. Michael Arrington, – $800,000 per month
TechCrunch specializes in technology and entertainment, covering everything from hit movies to small gadgets. As a fan of startups, TechCrunch has created a TechCrunch Disrupt conference which creates a stage for startups to get the funding necessary to launch products and services.
What we can learn: Don’t be afraid to branch out and collaborate with others. It’s said that two heads are better than one, so find a buddy and turn your blog into something great.
#3. Pete Cashmore, – $600,000 per month
Cashmore launched this popular news website in his basement in Scotland when he was only 19 years old. Since then Mashable has grown and grown to make Cashmore one of the richest bloggers in the world. Covering entertainment, news, technology and politics, Mashable provides information with its own unique style.   
What we can learn: Start blogging now. Cashmore proves that you are never too young or inexperienced to get started. Trust us, you will learn as you go.
#4. Mario Lavandeira, – $450,000 per month
Specializing in scandal, Perez Hilton is the go-to for celebrity gossip. Through the use of banner ads, Lavandeira has been able to capitalize on the goings-on around Hollywood and build an empire. While you won’t find any Pulitzer-winning stories on this website, you will definitely be entertained.
What we can learn: Write what you know. If you are more interested in what the latest star is wearing rather than the metaphorical implications of Shakespeare, then write about starlets and their gowns. Writing about your interests will always do better than anything else.
Honorable mention: Ewdison Then, $60,000 – $80,000 per month
If you are looking for advice concerning the latest technical gadgets, SlashGear is a handy resource. From smartphones to tablets, SlashGear connects readers to the technology they are looking for. Staffed by only 13 people, Ewdison Then has perfected the art of pay-per-click advertising on a small to medium website.

What we can learn: SlashGear uses WordPress like a boss. Many beginning bloggers think that to be successful they need to build a blog from source code. SlashGear proves that this is simply not true.

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